HUSKY - UAV, which is easy to medium-range helicopters. At the same time an integral part of a multifunctional complex for remote monitoring. The hull shape and the material from which the UAV, allowing it to be unobtrusive for most radar.

The aircraft is designed for reconnaissance missions, but other than that, HUSKY is able to operate as a carrier in the composition of the LHC (unmanned aircraft systems) to perform a huge range of different tasks related to defense, border security and the safety of specific objects. He also is able to:

1. Observe the route.

2. Conduct aerial photography of the area.

3. Control the border.

4. Detect, track and capture targets.

5. Take an active air participation in offensive operations.

6. Control or adjust fire.

7. Export and escort.

The UAV HUSKY mounted rotary-piston engine type. And thanks to the special design can increase the number of flight and navigation equipment.

Control of the drones carried out thanks to the NSO - ground control station, which includes all the necessary components for flight control and implementation of operational diagnostic domestic equipment. NSO is quite mobile, since it can be installed in a special box (KUNG) and other light vehicles. In addition to the standard version of the NSO, there are portable. Its features are as follows:

1. Conduct vertical automatic take-off and landing.

2. Perform an autonomous flight according to the assigned task. Editing of the route is possible.

3. Can detect and automatically track the selected target.

4. Due to the presence of a thermal imager, the aircraft can carry out night flights.

5. The flight is not affected by weather conditions.

6. Suitable for reconnaissance because it makes little noise during active work.

7. Virtually invisible to most radars.

HUSKY complex is equipped with autonomous life support system and uninterrupted power supply. Gasoline generator can operate 24 hours, moving in silent mode on batteries - 5 hours.

LTH: manufacturer - KB "Indela", Belarus; screw diameter - 3,2 m; aircraft length - 3,09 m; height - 1,2 m; empty aircraft weight - 81 kg; takeoff - 114 kg; cruising speed - 70 km / h; maximum - 90 km / h; engine type - 1 PD; ceiling - 1,5 km; the duration of the flight of the apparatus is 5 hours in silent mode and 24 hours in normal mode. 

HUSKY. Characteristics:

Modification   HUSKY
The diameter of the rotor, m   3.20
Length m   3.09
Height, m   1.20
Width, m  
Weight, kg  
  empty   81
  maximum take-off   114
engine's type   1 PD
Power, hp   X 1 26
Maximum speed km / h   90
Cruising speed, km / h   70
Flight duration, h   5
Static ceiling, m   1500


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