Aircraft IAI ARI (Israel)


Israeli Air Force were armed foreign aircraft. Modern foreign planes allow Israel to conduct fortified air war. Aircraft «Mirage», F-15, F-16 et al. in their characteristics comply with international standards.

In the 1970-ies. In Israel, work was underway to create his own fighter. By the firm "Israel Aircraft" the fighter "ARI" was designed. This aircraft met all the requirements for fighters, and was designed for the future. It stood on the same level as the best aircraft in its class. The aircraft has a triangular wing, a two-tail tail unit. The horizontal tail is located in front of the wing. The design of the airframe used aluminum alloys, titanium, fiberglass. The power plant consisted of two afterburner two-circuit turbojet engines - American F-100-PW-100 or F-401-PW-400 (Pratt & Whitney).


IAI ARI photo

IAI ARI photo


Specifications Engine:

  • Thrust without afterburner kg 6250; 7440
  • Thrust with afterburner kg 10 800; 12 740


Specific fuel consumption:

  • without afterburner, kg / kg. h 0,6; 0,56
  • with afterburner, kg / kg. h 2,3; 2,2


Dry weight, kg 1370; 1655

Aircraft Armament:

Action option for aerial targets: 

  • Two aircraft guns "Def" 30 caliber mm;
  • Two missiles "Phoenix", A1M-54A;
  • Four missiles "Shafrir" class "air - air";

Option actions for ground targets: 

  • Two aircraft guns "Def" 30 caliber mm;
  • Two missiles "Maverick" AVM 65A-class "air - ground";

about 4000 svobodnopadayuschie kg bombs. The onboard equipment is up to date.


IAI ARI scheme

IAI ARI scheme

The performance characteristics of the aircraft, "ARI"


  • Maximum flight speed 2,5M
  • Flight range, km 3500-4000


Weight, kg:

  • maximum takeoff 22-000
  • fuel and oil 9500
  • avionics 2000-2500
  • weapons 7500


Length m:

  • takeoff run 300
  • landing mileage 600
  • Wing area, m2 50-52


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