IAI I-VIEW Mk.150 

I-View Mk150 - tactical reconnaissance drone. It is used to observe the battlefield and in the interests of combat troops under enemy fire of the enemy. UAVs can be effectively used as an artillery spotter. This unit actually belongs to the link-company battalion, for offices, platoons or Special Forces Group, he has great size, and for the brigade or regiment, on the contrary, is rather weak.

This model, unlike the previous UAV has a length of 3,1 m wingspan 5,7 m, endowed with fixed landing gear and a trailing screw. The device with a maximum take-off weight in kg 160 able to carry up to twenty kilograms of payload. At the same time it can be flown up to 7 hours and at an altitude of about 5200 radius of action -. About 100 km. The normal version of the payload consists of a combination of IR system and vsesutochnaya optoelectronic, but set certain equipment if necessary.

The complex is based on 2-3 light trucks and driven into the firing position within 30 minutes. The onboard equipment allows the UAV to fly in automatic and semi-automatic mode, the operator is able to control it using the on-board TV camera. Crew - from the 2 4 to man (1-2 technicians and 1-2 operator).

Due to the presence of more modern counterparts from other manufacturers, the marketing of the I-View Mk150 complex cannot be called successful. Therefore, the only recipient of the I-View Mk150 is the Australian Ministry of Defense: Canberra in December 2006 entered into a contract for $ 145 million, under which the manufacturing company was to commission drones in 2009. But for many reasons, and as a result of "managerial errors," the date had to be postponed. It is not clear for what reason Moscow chose this model, since it has no confirmed experience of using it on the battlefield and in the army. 

IAI I-VIEW Mk.150. Characteristics:

Modification   I-view 150
Wingspan, m   5.70
Length m   3.10
Height, m  
Weight, kg  
  Payload   20
  maximum take-off   160
engine's type   1 AP
Power, hp   1 x
Maximum speed km / h  
Cruising speed, km / h  
Range, km   100
Flight duration, h   7
ceiling   5200


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