The tactical reconnaissance UAV developed by the Israeli company searcher IAI. Work on the system began in the third quarter of 89-year. In 1990, at the Asian Aerospace exhibition it was first presented to the public. Outwardly, he is almost completely similar to the Pioneer or Scout. But UAVs searcher has large almost twice the size of 2. The engine is in the rear part of the nacelle and provided with a pusher which is located between the tail boom connected stabilizer.

This system differs from its predecessors not only the on-board equipment, and large capacity fuel tanks. With this provided a long flight. Initially, the searcher installed PD sachs a two-bladed propeller (power 35 hp), but later it was replaced by limbach L 550. Its main task - to study the battlefield. In addition, the system can be used as an artillery gunner or to control the fighting.

To perform these tasks, the UAV is equipped with a complex MOSP. The launch takes place by means of a pneumatic catapult take-off site or by rocket boosters JATO. It has been adopted in 1992, the Israeli armed forces. Searcher replaced IAI scout drones and tadiran mastiff. It has become the standard Israeli army intelligence officer.

Searcher was used in Lebanon for reconnaissance missions. India was considering the acquisition of UAVs. After Israel, the UAV was adopted by Thailand, South Korea, Russia and Turkey. 

IAI SEARCHER. Characteristics:

Modification   Searcher
Wingspan, m   7.22
Length m   5.15
Height, m   1.16
  Payload   63
  Fuel   102
  maximum take-off   372
engine's type   1 Limbach L 550
Power, hp   X 1 47
Maximum speed km / h   198
Cruising speed, km / h   194
Range, km   220
Flight duration, h   12-14
ceiling   4575


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