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The current International Air Transport Association (IATA) is a non-governmental organization of air carriers (airlines), which was founded in April 1945 in Havana (Cuba). It is the successor of the "old" IATA (International Air Traffic Association), founded in The Hague in 1919 and limited mainly to the European region.

During his current base consisted of IATA members from 57 31 States, mainly from Europe and North America. Today, more than 270 IATA members represent more than 140 of all parts of the world. Influence of IATA and activities spread throughout the world, as reflected in the Charter (Articles of Association) and a more precise definition of its objectives.

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The objectives of IATA are:

  • promoting the safe, regular and economical air transport for the benefit of people throughout the world;
  • promoting commercial activities in air transport and research related problems;
  • to provide a means for cooperation among entrepreneurs in the field of air transport, directly or indirectly involved in the maintenance of international air transport;
  • cooperation with the ICAO and other international organizations.

The most important tasks of IATA in the initial period were technical problems, since safety and reliability are the foundation of air carrier activity and require the highest standards in air navigation, airport infrastructure and flight operations. LATA member airlines made a vital contribution to the work of the ICAO in the preparation of SARPs, the formation of a legislative basis, the standardization of documentation and procedures for the coordinated operation of the global airline network, the allocation of radio frequencies to sessions of the International Telecommunications Union, And the modernization of the Conditions of Carriage of passengers for the Warsaw Convention. IATA's contribution to the development of a system of bilateral agreements between states on the carriage and mutual recognition of the Bilateral Traffic Agreements is significant. Since 1946, when the first bilateral agreement on transportation between the United States and Britain (Bermuda Agreement) was adopted, and up to now 4000 such agreements have been registered with the ICAO.

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Here are some examples of modern survey research IATA, as reflected in the relevant resolution (IATA Resolutions): Multilateral Agreement on the mutual recognition of transportation documents (Multilateral Interline Traffic Agreements - MITA), which is the basis of multilateral agreements air carriers on flights of passengers by different airlines on one carriage document ( Currently, MITA has about 300 airlines);

Conference Resolution servicing passenger and cargo transportation (Passenger and Cargo Services Conference Resolutions), which prescribe the variety of standard formats and technical specifications of tickets and payment documents;

Passenger and Cargo Agency Agreements & Sales Agency Rules, which establish the relationship between LATA member air carriers and IATA-accredited passenger and cargo agencies.

By October 1979 IATA it was reorganized into a two-tier structure, comprising:

  • Association for the sale of air transportation (Trade Association), of agencies dealing with the problem associated with the technical, legal and financial support services for transportation;
  • Coordination tariff (Tariff Coordination), engaged in passenger and freight tariffs and related conditions and changes.

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IATA's activities are most significant in matters of international economic (commercial) regulation. IATA is committed to cooperation and close relationships with many international regulatory organizations, including the ICAO, the US Department of Transportation, the European Commission's Directorate General for Transport and Competition, the European Civil Aviation Conference (European Civil Aviation Conference), the World Trade Organization (WTO), the World Tourism Organization (WTO), the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development unarodnaya Chamber of Commerce (International Chamber of Commerce).

IATA undertook and takes a considerable amount of initiatives to facilitate the amendment of international regulatory documents. An example is the Montreal Convention (Montreal Convention), which entered into force in November, the 2003 and modernize the Warsaw Convention (Warsaw Convention).

Hello! We bought tickets Moscow-Paris-Prague-Moscow (21.04-28.04), on the site supersaver and one that trip, due to the coronovirus the flights were canceled, how can we return the money or exchange tickets for other dates without penalties and surcharges !!! These companies do not pick up the phone and do not answer !!! Please contact by email. By mail:[email protected]

Good afternoon.
I want to consult with you.
I bought tickets to Sri Lanka at the beginning of 2020 through the Flydubai air carrier; tickets were canceled due to the coronavirus, the air carrier, but the air carrier refuses to return the money, citing the fact that they pay with a voucher. It is not possible to reach the airline by telephone; no one answers messages.
The voucher does not suit me, it must be used within a year, but in this situation, I don’t want to fly anywhere in the coming year. After all, the situation with coronavirus has not yet been decided, and how can I plan a trip for the coming year now ....
This is not a simple situation; it can be equated with force majeure.
The ticket was not refundable.
Is it possible to return money in this situation? And where to go?

In April, bought tickets + additionally purchased luggage from LOT.
Later in May, they significantly changed the flight times.
Tickets for the flight back, for the luggage is still not returned.
Bought through trip.ru. The agency says that the applications have been sent, but the company does nothing for them and the agency cannot help in any way.
Called the company - told to contact through the agency. Vicious circle.
Terms are not regulated. What to do?
Two applications from 26.06.2019 (!!!) hung for more than a month in the agency with unsent from RA 0480354803 (DME-WAW-NCE) and RA 0480354804 (NCE-WAW-DME)

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I had a problem. An error occurred on the website when paying: the money was written off, but there were no tickets. How to get them back?
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Buenos días me gustaría que me ayuden cómo se puede saber si una agencia de viajes ta registrada en la IATA !!? Gracias

Good afternoon. Tell me, the 10 flight of September 2018 No. SU 6865 is interested in luggage: are there any rules (a suitcase of certain dimensions, tape wrapping, weight per person, etc.), where you can get acquainted with the necessary information. My e-meil: [email protected] Thanks, I'm waiting for Old

tenho 1 bilhete avianca estoque 134 na rota a EQ cancelou o voo CUE UIO - a TAME não opera mais nesse dia. Tenho a opção de outro voo com outra cia aérea, mas AVIANCA não quer autorizar a remissão mudando a cia no caso XL. IATA tem alguma normativa que autoriza a remissão? lembrando que XL tem acordo de aceitação com AV que é a emissora do etkt.

Good day!
Tell me if there are uniform standards for transporting small breed dogs in the cabin of an airplane, and not handing them over to the luggage.
And what are the norms for carrying.
I have a Bichon-Frize dog. 5,2 kg, 2 year, chipped, internationally vaccinated regularly. noted in the passport is.
Now I encounter the fact that airlines are allowed to transport animals in the cabin of aircraft. but with unreal dimensions carrying.
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Good afternoon. I had this problem.
At the beginning of November, I bought Lisbon-Luanda-Lisbon tickets for March of the Tap airline. But on 29 November I had an emergency oncology operation. And a course of very strong chemotherapy for a whole year has been prescribed. You can not fly. Information is all there. But the airline refused to forcibly return. The airline withdrew the seats from the plane in agreement with me explaining that this is a necessary condition for the airline and it turns out to be irretrievable.And then there was a refusal to return. They explained that the disease is not the reason for the return. After that, they offered to make a voluntary refusal. And again refusal to return money. tickets are irrevocable. It turns out the airline took my tickets. I was left without air tickets and without money. But the health situation is always unpredictable and unexpected. Where can I go with the claim? I do not agree with the actions of the airline

Hello. I would like to receive a consultation on the possibility of using or refunding return tickets. The situation occurred in the territory of China. In the evening of 11 January local time, I flown from the city of residence to the international airport in the border town of Urumqi. This flight was delayed with a flight for about twenty hours, the result was my delay for subsequent flights (tickets from China to Ukraine via Kazakhstan and Turkey, and back). Tickets to Urumqi and from Urumqi were bought separately. On the spot, a document was received about the delay in the flight departure and my further delay due to the fault of the air carrier of the local airline. The airport employees were guaranteed the possibility of restoring the tickets of the second chain of flights (from Ukraine to China), but this procedure can not be performed in connection with the blocking of air tickets by the company in which tickets were purchased. Representatives of Qunar refused to return tickets. We were offered to postpone the departure date (to Ukraine) on the same route, but on other dates, asking to wait about 3 days for finding out such a route. As for me this option was unacceptable, I flew to Ukraine on the same day, buying another ticket. At the moment, the representatives of the company in which the tickets were purchased are silent and do not respond to my letters. Tell me where you can contact with the same question, and whether it is realistic to receive compensation for unused tickets, if the documents on the non-use of tickets due to the fault of domestic airlines are in my hands. My contact address: [email protected]

Good day, tell me I had an employee with an IATA diploma (Diploma of 94 year approximately), for some tenders are asked to indicate the number of this operator, can I use it? Whether the diploma is valid and as it to update if it is necessary.

Good afternoon, please clarify the essence of the following problem: purchased tickets (order N 12530132334) through the Internet from the LLC "TSENTR" bilet-on-line.ru there and back, the day of departure there had to be transferred from the official representative of the company AGENCY UTG Domodedovo Airport, cash desk No. 56-57, has remained unchanged. But at the airport I was not released by the border guard service, for this reason the flight did not work. I ask to return money for the return flight, they tell me that your ticket is closed, please contact the place where the departure date was changed. Officials send to the place of purchase, and the organization that sells me a ticket says that they have their ticket closed for any action. How to follow in this situation. Thank you [email protected]

Good afternoon, please tell me the following question. 19 May 2017 year in Düsseldorf (Germany) at the IATA representatives stand purchased tickets to Russia (docking in Munich), but, in the hectic, forgot to take document confirming the cost. How can we get them now? My phone + 7-951-905-06-05 e-mail [email protected]

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Please be more specific, our company would like to become a member of the International Air Transport Association IATA

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