The idea for the new configuration liner Airbus A380
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The idea for the new configuration liner Airbus A380

The idea for the new configuration liner Airbus A380


Not long ago, Airbus Aircraft Corporation released information that intends to introduce a new interior design for its economy class, currently the largest in the world airliner Airbus A380. According to experts, it will not only minimize the cost of activities of the largest airlines in the world, but also will attract more passengers.



Currently, there are three basic ideas on how to improve the passenger capacity of the already huge aircraft that Airbus and presented.

The first conceptual idea is the creation of local 11-rows of passenger seats, that none of the earlier aircraft manufacturers did not perform. How to emphasize the main designers of the Aircraft Corporation Airbus, thanks to a special arrangement of seats, passengers will not feel any hesitation, and all thanks to a special approach.



In order to achieve an increase in the space of a passenger airliner for the installation of additional seats, the designers had to minimize the main elements of the passenger compartment. The first piece to be cut is the passenger seat armrest, which was previously 2 "wide but has since been reduced to 1.5". As a result, 7 inches of space was freed up, which is not that much, but, nevertheless, the fact remains. Initially, the idea was to reduce the width of the passenger seat from 18 to 17 inches, however, in the final version, it was decided to abandon this decision, so as not to constrain passengers at all, who will have to overcome thousands of kilometers for many hours. Subsequently, Airbus designers came up with the idea of ​​reducing the aisle space, thereby gaining a few more inches, which in turn allowed the installation of additional seats.

Thus, the current solution has made it possible to equip the aircraft Airbus A380 seating configuration 3-5-3, which increased the number of possible to passengers.



The second conceptual idea designers Airbus is placed close to the walls of the passenger seats of the aircraft, which again, in turn, does not restrict the passenger, but increases the space in the plane, allowing the installation of additional rows of seats.

Another idea is to increase the number carried in airplanes Airbus A380 passengers, is the integration of joint recreation crew members and flight attendants. Naturally, the division between the two categories of people will, however, invited to provide this element of the structure under the main deck, which will allow installing more about 20 seats, increasing the total volume of transported passengers.

Thus, if the new projects will find approval from customers, it is likely, in the next few years we will see passenger airliners in the new configuration of the cabin, and it is likely it will reduce the price ridership, no violation of passenger comfort.


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