Game Ace Combat: Assault Horizon
Game Ace Combat: Assault Horizon

Game Ace Combat: Assault Horizon. Description.

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon - entered the market in January 2013. and is a spectacular action on the theme of the heroic struggle of the American pilots with the "bad guys." In the role of "bad guys" are the terrorists as usual, though this time they seized the power in Russia. Ace Combat - game series, produces more than 15 years, easy management simple.


The game almost everything imitates popular shooters today. It starts in the vast Africa, where as usual gallant US Air Force is actively spread democracy and freedom. Soon, however, the plot of the game takes away democracy by the wayside, and invites players to do more important things. A Russian military coup took place, and authorities began grouping, called "thug" who swears to the west of bad words and frightening bombs. Naturally, he does not like and brave Yankees start a war.

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Developers were given an interesting and entertaining thriller, which involves devices for the different classes. As you go, the player has an opportunity to fulfill the mission on the fighters, fly helicopters, Steer bomber, as well as serve as a bortstrelka sitting at a stationary machine gun.


Most of the missions are conducted at the controls of a fighter, but people unaccustomed to the flight simulator, it will not create any problems, because the management of the game is very simple. You just have to remember which button increases the speed and which includes a brake and, of course, a couple of buttons in charge of a machine gun and missile launches. The plane almost falls into a tailspin, and carries a huge amount of ammunition.

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Helicopter missions have their own character. Slowly move deeper into enemy territory, destroying equipment and infantry. Machine guns themselves automatically leads to the goal. Some missions are escorted Allied infantry and need to clear its path, destroying enemy.


Several missions are to conduct the time of the trigger gun on a bomber that flies, doing their own thing, and the player must protect it from damage, destroying pesky Russian fighters.


In general, the game is not bad. Captures, plunges into the passing scenes. It features some features of humorous character. The voice acting has some interesting phrases, for example: "Mark goat, but we'll have him," - said US Air Force Lieutenant. Then she boards a plane and goes in search of his enemy.


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