Game Air Conflicts: Vietnam 2013
Game Air Conflicts: Vietnam 2013

Game Air Conflicts: Vietnam 2013



Air Conflicts: Vietnam - Continuation of the series of games Air Conflicts. Game - fresh novelty, was released in October 2013. An interesting feature is the most realistic of each aircraft, the game is aimed at people keen on military equipment. As already evident from the title, the plot is a military conflict in Vietnam and America. The player will play the role of a young pilot of the US Air Force.

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Style Air Conflicts - A combination of flight simulator with arcade. In the process, given the opportunity, to control helicopters and fighter jets of various models. All fighting vehicles took part in the Vietnam conflict, and displayed graphically as accurately as possible. Of the features of a game, scroll to manage aircraft squadron. The player himself equip its combat vehicles and a variety of weapons, giving orders, controls the progress of the battle. There is also a mission which has to take the place of the arrow board and fend off enemy vehicles.

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Game features:

- In any war there are winners and losers. Scenario historically true plunges into a military conflict, showing not only the triumphs, but also the fall of the US Army. Before glance Player, sweeping events of one of the worst wars of the last century.

- As befits the arcade, combat missions on fighters alternated with the passage of other missions. Players are offered an interesting job in which you need to control the helicopter, or sit at a machine gun trigger.Game Air Conflicts: Vietnam 2013 4

- In managing the squadron, you can absolutely fly any aircraft. Tellingly, in this game, ammo is limited and corresponds to the real. If one car shoot, go behind the wheel of the other. Each model of weapons and equipment is based on the world's existing prototypes.

- The game has beautiful graphics: with maximum precision displays Vietnamese villages, military bases with watchtowers care in jungle hide heavily armed opponents, forest river float boats. Air Conflicts is not boring, I want everything to sink further and further into a game atmosphere.

- Ability to choose from several game modes, and adds interest. Besides these presents options for games against opponents in network.

- Arsenal technique involves little more than 20 planes and helicopters during the war, they were in the American arsenal and the USSR.

The rest of the game ...

I do not understand explain this on the phone to install the game or computer?


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