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Air game «Heroes in the Sky» is a great arcade game combines some of the features and flight simulator game genre RPG. Game peculiar surprisingly very high quality graphics, implies a perfectly detailed surroundings, gorgeous special effects, detailed model of a dynamic world, etc.



The plot of the game «Heroes in the Sky» takes place during the Second World War, and as you might guess, you have to fly on airplanes of that era. Exciting battles over the Pacific Ocean, the destruction of air and ground forces of the enemy in Germany, implementation of exciting missions on the Allied side - all these features will be available to you.



Pay attention to the huge number of aircraft presented in the game, and an important aspect of all this is that you can independently modify your aircraft using various weapons, etc. You can independently choose which side you have to play on, and therefore you can test different aircraft models.



An important feature of the game is the fact that a gamer can choose to play and network to create a team to 16 people speak against other players, demonstrating their ability to expertly manage the aircraft. Bomb fortress shoot their opponents, leaving their planes only piles of metal and the flash of explosions drown aircraft carriers and other ships, and you will certainly understand that the game is worthy of respect on the part of every gamer.

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