Microsoft Flight Game (MSFS) 2012
Microsoft Flight Game (MSFS) - 2012

Game Microsoft Flight (MSFS) - 2012 


Microsoft Flight - is a series of flight simulators, which deals Civil Aviation. The latest version of the game came in 2012 year.


The advantage of this game is a great selection of civil aviation, presented in it. You can fly a plane "Boeing"And like its class, and can be on the so-called small aircraft, which, incidentally, is represented by models from the 30's and ending with modern, also in the game there are helicopters. It is worth noting that the game is free and the first player is not too large selection of equipment. But there is the possibility of buying a huge number of aircraft and helicopters, which are fun to play.

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As in every game there is a system of education, it is divided into training and control aircraft individually helicopter. Of course, you need to constantly improve their grade.


MSFS - on schedule is one of the most beautiful today flight simulators. The scale -grandiozny card, on the ground there are three-dimensional objects, the city of the last version of the game - an exact copy of the real thing. Bright presented runways, waterfalls, rivers in the middle of the road. As for the weather, the MSFS have all the possible weather conditions, from the cloud, ending storms.

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What is interesting - exactly duplicate real management control of the aircraft, moreover, it helps to master flying techniques. There are many cases in which people in a serious game MSFS, sat down at the helm of the aircraft and flew quite well, of course, in the presence of an instructor.


The game system slightly simplified compared to previous versions. You can set the default settings and then the game does not need to comply with some of the technical nuances of real interrail. For example, there is no need to request permission to start the engine, the executive or pre-start, although permission to take off after all necessary. With these settings, the plane is already with the engine running at the start of the executive. And when the circular flight do not need to inform the dispatcher on the passage of the turning points.

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Overall, the picture is very similar to the real game: the board and ask for permission to make a report to dispatchers. All this is clearly heard in the headphones pilots. Microsoft established annually raises the bar for quality and realism.


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