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Computer game Take on Helicopters is one of the best flight simulation of civil aviation, in particular a helicopter flight. Despite the fact that the game has been released by modern standards, very long time ago - in the year 2011, amazing graphics and physics quality is perfectly worked out, which makes it possible to fully enjoy the gameplay.



An important advantage of the game is that you can choose from different modes, and this should include:

  1. Training mode;
  2. Free play mode;
  3. Campaign mode;
  4. Single player mode;
  5. Mode perform missions at a time.



Due to the fact that developers are perfectly thought out gameplay, the player can always choose something that is most prone soul ie, or as soon as possible to pass a lot of exciting missions, or just check out all the air quality of the machine, having developed expertise in its management.



Particular attention should schedule the game Take on Helicopters, after drawing here is quite realistic - rising to a certain height, you can see a different arrangement of objects, which certainly makes surprise and amaze gamers and simply those who like flight simulators.

The game uses only the foreign helicopters are divided into classes:

  • Lightweight (MD500);
  • Average (Bell 412);
  • Heavy (AW 101 Merlin).


In the case of foreign air cars do not impress you, then you can use the installation of an additional modification to the game that you transplanted such as the Russian helicopters Mi-24 and a number of others, with the style of flight new machines will also be changed under the corresponding reality.

In general, the simulator Take on Helicopters will certainly want to liking to any lover of computer games, especially since there is absolutely everything to have a great time at the computer or free flying over cities or perform interesting mission.


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