Game X-Plane 10
Game X-Plane 10

Game X-Plane 10


Flight simulator X-Plane 10 is by far the most colorful evidence that the flight simulators continues its development. Top-notch graphics, which is the main difference between this other game lets you virtually dive into the world of computer gaming universe, and even professional gamers who've played in X-Plane 10, repeatedly pointed out that a more realistic game, they've never seen before.



 The essence of the game is to execute various scenarios prepared by game developers. You can easily make a flight from any city in the world to your chosen destination, and you will not be able to get bored on the way, as the exciting sensations will literally overwhelm anyone who simply cannot imagine his life without flight simulators.



X-Plane 10 offers a huge variety of planes, helicopters, balloons (balloons and airships), comic shuttles and almost anything that can take off. An important difference from other types of flight simulators is that different types of air vehicle settings are combined here, that is, for example, the engine can rotate not only one propeller, but several at once, so you can independently experience the whole physics of controlling one or another air transport means.



Highly realistic models of aircraft perfectly traced the outside world with elements of real relief, especially in the management of each individual aircraft means - all this certainly is a dream of every fan of flight simulators.

In addition, thanks to the special funds, which is part of the computer game X-Plane 10, each player has a unique opportunity to create their aerial vehicle, or modify it according to their personal wishes, which can make the game and did endless for passage.

Immerse yourself in the world of flight simulator X-Plane 10 right now, and you have a great opportunity to spend your time well.


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