Ilyushin Il-106


IL-106 is a project of the heavy military transport aircraft unit, created in Ilyushin Design Bureau. Its designed between 80-90-x on e of the last century on a competitive basis of state (USSR) between advanced countries Bureau (OKB Antonov, Tupolev and Ilyushin Design Bureau). The plans of the Ministry of Defence was the hope of creating a new military transporter, replacing the outdated Il-76 and An-22. Directly IL-106 as the first prototype of the planned release in 1995 year and begin flight tests in two years. But because of the start of the events during the collapse of the Soviet Union 90-ies in the country had neither the financial capacity nor the interest of the Air Force.


The aircraft designed to transport cargo weighing in at a 80 135 deadweight tons. According to the instructions of the project unit should be able to cover a distance of 5000 km with the possibility of switching to a cruising speed of 850 km / h. Service ceiling for the transport had to be 12 000 m.


The fuselage is an all-metal monoplane with a normal aerodynamic scheme and a total length of more than 57 meters. The wing is moderately arched with terminal vertical surfaces. In order for a heavily loaded aircraft to carry out transportation, the design increased the wingspan to 58,5 m. The cargo cabin is sealed, the length is 34 m. The cab is divided into the front and rear cargo ramps, which in turn greatly speeds up the loading and unloading process. To ensure the operation of the air vehicle on ground airfields, a retractable multi-bearing chassis was installed.


The power plant is represented by four turbofan engines NK-92. To do this, they developed a military transporter in Samara in KB Kuznetsova in a special order. It was originally planned to install more advanced and powerful model NK-93, but at the time of the design of the aircraft it is only conceived (was demonstrated in 2007 year's airshow MAKS).


From the equipment for the novelty has not built the aircraft was considered equipping its digital FBWCS. In the cockpit, designed for two people, we had planned to carry out an information field of multifunctional LCD indicators. The plane was made in thumbnail form.


More recently, it became known that was never built IL-106 will be the basis for the development of future TCP "Ermak". Guide Ilyushin Design Bureau plans to begin development of a new family of advanced super-heavy transport aircraft in 2016 year.


Similar versions of this airplane: An-22, Boeing C-17 Globemaster III, An-124, Xian Y-20.

IL-106 characteristics:

  • Maximum take-off weight, kg 258 000

  • Mass of payload kg 80 000

  • Th engine thrust kg 4h 18 000

  • Cruising speed, km / h, 820-850

  • Service ceiling, m 14 000 Practical range

  • maximum load, km 5000

  • Maximum range, km 10 000

  • Aircraft Length m 57,60

  • Wingspan, m 58,50

  • Aircraft height, m ​​19,90

  • Required runway length, m 1300-1400


OKB Ilyushin Aircraft


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