Ilyushin Il-112


The Il-112 aircraft is a light transport aircraft project developed by the Ilyushin design bureau. The main task of this unit was to replace old An-26 aircraft. The designers' plans were to create two modifications for civil aviation and for the transport of military cargo.

In 90-ies it was held aircraft monitoring of the market, which showed that the domestic market of the CIS requires aircraft such as IL-112 in an amount of up to 300 1 thousand cars. The advantage of this machine is that it can be used on the poorly equipped and short runways even unpaved. System operation involves the use of machines without major repairs, you need only to maintain the level of life. According to forecasts of the founders of the IL-112 its service life should make 35 years.

History of the IL-112

By the development of the project began in the early 90-ies, originally planned to manufacture passenger unit. Financing of the project involved the company "IL-Bashkiria." For mass production would begin in 1994 year Kumertauskaya APO. These plans were never realized. As a result, serial production was moved to the Voronezh ASO.

Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation the project was presented in 2004, after which planned to create a working plane on 2006 year. But it too has not been implemented due to the further delay of the project. Funding is Ilyushin Design Bureau, and this unit was included in the state defense order to 2015 years.

IL-112V modification watching here


The Ministry of Defence in the summer of 2010 years suspended financing, despite what has already been partially built four Il-112. For full completion of these machines lack 800 million.

Ultimately, VACO has produced four models of aircraft, and two of them are flight. Plans to achieve the manufacturers release 18 these machines a year. Another problem was the refusal of the Ministry of Defence of transportation options in the IL-112 2011, in favor of the An-140. For this reason, the development of transport aircraft IL-112 were discontinued.

In winter 2014 the company Ilyushin signed a new contract with the Defense Ministry, which deals with the further development of the transport car IL-112. To produce its plan to 2016 year and serial production scheduled to begin in 2018 years.

Design features of the IL-112

The machine is made by the scheme monoplane in which highly placed wings straight shape. Machine must manage two pilots. The passenger version of the aircraft IL-112 44 cabin accommodates human and cargo model has the ability to lift 6 tons of cargo. Normal take-off weight of the device should reach 20,4 tons. Fuel tanks are able to accommodate 7,9 thousand liters of fuel.

The power plant consists of two engine turboprop type, which are designated as TV7-117ST. Each engine delivers power in 2800 horsepower. The IL-112 mounted propeller, which consists of six blades arranged in one row, with the designation AB-112. Total thrust propulsion system is 3645 kgs. When afterburner thrust flight reaches values ​​in 4145 kgs. At normal cruising speed in 480 km / h IL-112 500 kilos of fuel consumed per hour.

Passenger airliner Il-112 can reach a maximum speed of 550 km / h and a maximum range of one thousand kilometers. When distiller range 5,2 can be thousands of kilometers through the installation of additional fuel tanks. The maximum height to which the aircraft can climb, - 7,6 kilometers. At take-off the aircraft it needs 870 meters runway. When planting machine just enough 600 meters to a complete stop.

IL-112 characteristics: 

  • Maximum payload kg 6000

  • Maximum range, km 6000 Cruising speed, km / h, 550-600

  • Aircraft Length m 20,65

  • Aircraft height, m ​​7,90

  • Wingspan, m 23,45

  • The cross section of the cargo cabin, m 2,4x2,4

  • Required runway length, m 1000


OKB Ilyushin Aircraft

So what is the maximum range of 1000 km or 6000 km? In the article, probably a typo.


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