Ilyushin Il-24


Many of the ideas that have been implemented for the first time on an airplane IL-20, Have been used in the national economy. In 1965, the civil aviation of the USSR ordered equipment IL-18 special radar equipment, the ability to track the direction of the caravans safe ships on the North Road. This special equipment has become a station "Toros", successfully probing ice and passed to the aircraft An-24LR state tests. But before installing it on the IL-18 then it did not come. Returning to the idea of ​​creation on the basis of the modified IL-18 ice reconnaissance took place at the end of 70-ies.


12.06.1979 issued a decree according to which on the basis of the Il-18D began construction of a dedicated Ilyushin-24N, with technical ice tool intelligence, "Thread-K." It installed like a radar location "Needle" in IL-20 in the ventral gondola. Collected from the ice reconnaissance information system came on six indicators to the operator's workplace. In the rear there is dayroom crew.

Apart from the radar "thread-K", the aircraft is equipped with modern navigation equipment "Malva-4», far and near radar navigation "Iris", digital control board computers.

Purpose of the IL-24N was to gather information on the state of the ice of the Arctic Ocean to provide opportunities laying shipping routes in the Arctic and near the seas, as well as for the study and exploration of mineral resources on the territory of the USSR. Work on the design and development of IL-24 1970 began at the end of, the general designer of the project was GV Novozhilov.

System instrumental ice reconnaissance "thread" has developed VM Glushkov. It is composed of electronic systems of the aircraft "Thread-K" and the system "thread-L", which had been placed at the receiving ship's point. Using this system allows you to get a detailed view of the earth's surface, and ice cover, regardless of weather conditions. High-quality picture is even in overcast conditions and fog. Due to such surveys can be planned in advance Arctic marine scientific expedition received navigational information.


To ensure the reliability of the automatic piloting bezorientirnymi expanses of Arctic ice in the scout went navigation system "Malva-4». In addition, the board of the aircraft was equipped with equipment "Iris", which included distal and proximal radar navigation, and digital computer.

Carrying out ice reconnaissance, the information gathered from the system, "thread" was treated and analyzed in the course of the flight hydrologists. Knowing the trajectory, they drew the map of ice from the aircraft, showing her various indicators ice fields: the thickness of the ice zone ridging and other indicators. This information can be transmitted over hundreds of kilometers to the command ship items.

Unfortunately, the construction of Il-24N ended on redeveloping two serial Il-18D. They actively tested experienced crew of test pilots, and even took part in a major operation to determine the path of ice flow "Siberia" in Arctic waters. At the end of 70-x on the USSR felt a wave wave of economic fuel crisis, which forced to abandon the experimental work with ice reconnaissance. IL-24N not become popular and was not included in serial production.

IL-24 characteristics:

Modification   IL-24N
Wingspan, m   37.42
Aircraft Length m   35.90
Height, m   10.17
Wing area, m2   140.0
Weight, kg  
  equipped aircraft   33760
  maximum take-off   64000
engine's type   4 HDD AI-20M
Power, hp   X 4 4250
Maximum speed km / h   685
Cruising speed, km / h   610
Practical range, km   6500
Practical ceiling, m   12000
Crew   5



OKB Ilyushin Aircraft

Good bomber. I watched how it behaves in combat situations. I recommend to watch the video, you will not regret.


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