Ilyushin Il-40



IL-40, which is the codification of NATO called "builder" - a Soviet attack jet, developed by Ilyushin Design Bureau in the early 50-ies.

History IL-40

After the Korean War, it became clear that the Soviet Union needs to establish assault aircraft with more advanced at the time of performance characteristics.


The Ilyushin Design Bureau on its own initiative in 1950-1952 years. We conducted a series of studies in which established that the new attack can be obtained, complete with its small, economical, lightweight and powerful enough engines. The technical proposal of the Bureau to establish a double armored attack aircraft arrived at the end of 1951 and 1952 in February, the government decree officially started design work.

Sturmovik IL-40 managed to do in a short time, and in February 1953, the aircraft was sent to the passage of the flight test. The first flight of the IL-40 7.03.1953 makes running a test pilot VK Kokkinaki. By the end of March of the same year began to verify the weapons complex. The crew, headed by VK Kokkinaki went to military training "Faustovo" to check the firing range of the gun mount on ground targets.


During the opening fire speed aircraft engines began to fall sharply, and after all disconnected. After that, the pilot stopped the shooting, had to restart the power plant and returned safely experienced Il-40 the airfield. In order to solve the problem, on the air intakes placed special nozzles that removal of powder gases in the hand, but the result is not given. Engines still glohli during shooting.

During the tests, the designers decided to replace the HP-23 guns with more rapid and powerful TKB-495A. Under these guns, a gas-evacuating chamber was specially designed, simultaneously representing the forward part of the attack aircraft. The purpose of the chamber was to remove the external flow of gases that formed during the shooting, without passing through the air intakes of the engines. This decision gave a positive result: during the firing of the TKB-495 guns, the Il-40 engines did not turn off. The stern cannon rig was equipped with the same armament as the bow. Having finished the factory tests, eliminating all the shortcomings and replacing the engines, the aircraft was provided to the State Commission at the Air Force Research Institute in January 1954. The state tests did not last long and ended successfully on 15 March. Military pilots appreciated the good flight performance of IL-40.

IL-40 video

In 1956 the plane showed the US delegation at the Kubinka aerodrome. The guests were shocked and said that a similar attack aircraft has neither a single state in the world.

However, this unit does not have a future. Already in April, the government resolution 1956 all the work on the aircraft IL-40 stopped. For the Soviet Army, which passed to equip new weapons, it turned out to be unclaimed.

Attack aircraft replaced the fighter-bomber. In connection with the nuclear threat and the potential build-up of enemy forces it was necessary to focus its resources on the creation of jet bombers and submarines, carriers of the atomic bomb. Based on the opinion of the then military experts that it is appropriate to develop machines that were out of reach of the fire ground troops. This meant that the Il-40 in the ranks of the Soviet Air Force was not needed. Only after 20 years again talking about the need fire support for ground troops attack aircraft.

Design IL-40

IL-40 in design - it nizkoplan with swept wings with feathers. The crew was 2 people: a pilot and a gunner. The main power of the aircraft structure - a hull of which took the load off the engine, tail units and bow.


Cabin crew armor, equipped with ejector seat. In the hulls, in addition to the control room, there were also the fuel tanks and part of the on-board equipment. Protection from the oncoming fire front bronestenka provide pilot and an armored windscreen. The cabin is also equipped with hand leaf armor. The sides of the fuselage housed AM 5F engines, air intakes were slightly in front of the wing. The total weight of the armor, mounted on the Il-40, - 1918 kg.

weaponry IL-40

The attack aircraft consisted of six HP-23 guns placed in the bow, and the Il-K10 stern cannon with the HP-23 gun, which was remotely controlled from the arrow booth. Front guns were overboard, their ammunition - 900 shells. In the cavities of the wing are made 4 small bombsection, designed to accommodate in them bombs weighing 100 kg. In addition, the aircraft was equipped with four holders for external suspension of bombs, on which it was possible to suspend two air bombs weighing up to 500 kg, projectiles such as TRS-82 or TRS-132 or suspended fuel tanks with an capacity of 1100 liters. Il-40 had a normal bomb load of 400 kg, and in an overloaded version it is capable of carrying up to 1000 kg of aircraft bombs.

Equipment IL-40

On board the Il-40 modern equipment, which allows using aircraft day and night, in various weather conditions. Socks wing, stabilizer and fin, engine air intakes were equipped with air-protivoobledenitelyami heat, hot air to the engine which comes from the compressors. Windshield cockpit had electric heating.


Flight and navigation and radio communication equipment of the aircraft represented navigational indicator NO-50I, artificial horizon AGI-1, directional gyro GPI-48, automatic radio compass ARK-5 and compass LGMK-3M, command radio RSIU-3M and connected - SCR-5, intercom SPU -5, radio altimeter RV-2, the marker radio MCI-48P, defendant IFF "Barium", and Nathan, and aerial cameras AFA.

During the conduct of cannon fire, bombing and firing rockets pilot used the red-dot sight PBI-6, which did not allow failure at high altitude and dive. Dropping bombs is automatic thanks to the electric release gear ESBR-3P. Feeding installation equipped with an eye SPB-40. By plane present system, it allows you to shoot bombardment results at any time.

During the development of IL-40 on its base in the future to create several modifications envisaged.

IL-40 characteristics:

Modification   IL-40P
Wingspan, m   17.00
Aircraft Length m   17.22
Height, m   5.76
Wing area, m2   54.10
Weight, kg  
  empty aircraft   12190
  normal takeoff   16600
  maximum take-off   17600
Fuel kg  
  domestic fuel   3300
  PTB   1150
engine's type   2 TRD RD-9B
Thrust, kgf  
  nominal   X 2 2150
  maximum   X 2 3300
Maximum speed km / h  
  near the ground   993
  on high   954
Practical range, km   1300
Combat range, km   400
Practical ceiling, m   11200
Max. operation overload   5
Crew   2
Armament:  Five 23-mm cannons (4 with 225 ammunition of shells on a single ventral carriage, rotatable in a vertical plane and 1 single-gun feed system (200 shells) with remote control.)
 Bomb load - 1000 kg (maximum 1400)
 Bombs and NAR on the external load.



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All fans of IL-40 recommend to watch the movie "Storm Troopers", where about it, and other attack aircraft shown a lot of interest.

Yes leading engineers work hard to eliminate the disadvantages of Il-40, causing him to become worthy of its class.