The illusion of flying (2005).
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The illusion of flying (2005).

Illusion flying (2005).


  • Genre: Action, Detective, Thriller
  • Country: USA
  • Duration: 1 hours. 38 minutes.
  • Director: Robert Schwentke
  • Starring: Jodie Foster, Peter Sarsgaard, Sean Bean, Erika Christensen, Brent Sexton, Michael Irby, Haley Ramm, Assaf Cohen, Kate Beahan, Forrest Landis, Judith Scott, Marlene Louston, Shane Edelman, Mary Gallagher, Ian Kolesarova


The action takes place on board the aircraft "Boeing-747», while flights from Berlin to New York. Kyle Pratt completely disappears 6-year-old daughter Julia. After her husband's death a woman trying to prove to everyone that she takes responsibility and everything that happens around it. But the crew and the passengers do not believe it. The atmosphere around it is so absurd that Kyle begins to doubt his own adequacy.

The illusion of flying (2005).

In addition, there is no evidence that her daughter Julie was on board the aircraft.

After all sorts of attempts to prove her case, the woman gives up. But suddenly, on the window, she sees her daughter's handprint and realizes that she will be alone to solve the mystery and save her daughter. She decided to rely only on her intelligence and ingenuity. When she raised a panic on board the plane, people "sounded the alarm."

The illusion of flying (2005).

And when women are handcuffed, slapped the other passengers, rejoice that can quietly watch TV, relax. In humans, this thread is visible hypocrisy and mistrust.

The illusion of flying (2005).

A strong film, a powerful blow to the nerves at the outset.

The mystery is heating up before landing on the aircraft. The audience is waiting for intrigue.

The plot is very dynamic, the characters' images are revealed. The film is watched in one breath, there is a desire to watch it again and again, there is a play on feelings.

Sometimes it skips such an idea, if the writer of the film paved the way and leads us on the path confusing.

That was shown in the film, it's not just Boeing-747 from the inside, it is much more. Get lost in an airplane? Quite possible.


I watched this movie
In one breath
I advise everyone


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