Indela-9 - drone aircraft type with an average radius of action. Included in the set of remote monitoring. Monitoring is carried out by means of the ground control station, which consists of all the necessary controls and line diagnostics of all equipment. NSO is set in a special container for transport - KUNG. Developer the UAV - CB «Indela». The first flight took place in 2008 year.

The function of the unmanned vehicle is remotely monitoring and transmitting video to a ground control station in real time. The body of the airframe is made of composite materials and is designed for repeated use. Flight tasks can be autonomous and radiokorrektiruemym ways.

The use of UAVs is not only remote monitoring. In addition, it can be used:

  1. Operational intelligence in areas of emergency (floods, terrorist threats, fires, technological accidents, etc.).

  2. Monitoring of pipelines and power lines, detecting damage and defects.

  3. Implementation of prospecting.

  4. Conduct aerial survey areas.

  5. Perform aerial reconnaissance.

  6. Security measures for closure and large areas.

  7. Tracking moving and stationary targets.

The complex UAV Indela-9 characteristics: off with the band; landing on the chassis; Emergency landing using a parachute; navigation system equipped with GPS / GLONASS; flight control - redundant or automatic; Engine Type - boxer, two two-cylinder internal combustion engine; part of the payload - a set of sensors (color camera, thermal imager, laser rangefinder), which is located on the gyro-stabilized platform.

Design UAV takimsposobom arranged her flight and navigation equipment and can be changed pereukomplektovyvat, which in turn increases the range of possible tasks performed.

Wingspan Indela-9 quite large in comparison with its predecessor - 9,1 m. The maximum takeoff load is 65 kg and the amount of fuel - 20 l. Thrust one engine is 12,5 kW, allowing speeds of up to 140 km / h. Increase the duration of the flight (10 hours) and static ceiling (4 km).

Indela-9. Characteristics:

Modification   Indela-9
Wingspan, m   9.10
Length m   3.34
Height, m  
Width, m  
Weight, kg  
  maximum take-off   65
Fuel l   20
engine's type   1 ED
Power, kWt.   X 1 12.5
Maximum speed km / h   140
Cruising speed, km / h   80
Radius of action, km  
  in touch with NSO   90
  autonomous   600
Flight duration, h   10
Static ceiling, m   4000


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