Indonesian Aerospace CN-235
Indonesian Aerospace CN-235

Indonesian Aerospace CN-235. A photo. Characteristics.

Casa CN235 - turboprop light transport aircraft.

Designed by a consortium of Airtech, which is headed by the Spanish company CASA and the Indonesian company Industri Pesawat Terbang Nusantara. For the first time, the prototype of the aircraft Ethel in May 1981. Production in the Casa CN235 series began in May 1988. There are a number of variations.

The largest customer - Turkey, which has generally 61 plane.

Also purchased by the following countries like the USA, Spain, Colombia, Chile, Panama, Ecuador, Indonesia, France.

Features of Indonesian Aerospace CN-235:

Length: 21,353m.

Height: 8,177m.

Wingspan: 25,81m.

Wing area: 59,10kv.m.

Flight range: 5055km.

Cruising speed: 454km / h.

Ceiling: 8110m.

Number of seats: 48mest.

Load capacity: 6000kg.

Crew: 2-3cheloveka.

Weight of empty aircraft: 8800kg.

Maximum takeoff weight: 16500kg.

Domestic fuel: 4230kg.

Engine: 2 × TVD GeneralElectric CT79C.

Power: 2 × 1394,5kW.

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