Indonesian Aerospace NC-212
Indonesian Aerospace NC-212

Indonesian Aerospace NC-212. Characteristics. Photo and video. 



NC-212 is a transport aircraft developed by the Spanish company EADS CASA.

Produced under license in Indonesia by Indonesian Aerospace.

Aerodynamic configuration of the aircraft is a twin-engine turboprop vysokoplan odnokilevym tail feathers and tricycle fixed landing gear.

The aircraft is equipped with a stern ramp. It can be opened in flight for parachute landing.



Series 100 (Series 100)

C212A - Originally developed as a military version. Also designated as C212-5 series 100M, C212-5, and in the Spanish Air Force - D-3A and T-12B.

C212B - Converted C-212A for photo reconnaissance.

C212C - The initial civilian version.

C212D — Converted C-212A into training aircraft for navigator training.

NC212-100 - Manufacturing started in Indonesia.


Indonesian Aerospace NC-212 Salon

Indonesian Aerospace NC-212 Salon


Series 200 (Series 200)

Since 1979, the production is equipped with Honeywell TPE33110R511C or TPE33110R512C engines with a capacity of 900 horsepower.

С212 series 200M - combat variant. Also designated T-12D in the Spanish Air Force and Tp-89 in the Swedish Air Force. Some of the aircraft were converted into naval patrol and anti-submarine versions.

NC212-200 - Manufactured in Indonesia.


Series 300 (Series 300)

Production since 1987. Powered by Honeywell TPE33110R513C 900 horsepower engines.

C212M series 300M - military version.

C212 series 300 airliner is a 26-seater passenger aircraft.

The C212 series 300 utility is a versatile 23-seater aircraft.

C212 series 300P is a civilian version with 6 horsepower Pratt & Whitney PT65A1220 engines.


Indonesian Aerospace NC-212 photo

Indonesian Aerospace NC-212 photo


Series 400 (Series 400)

Production since 1997. Powered by Honeywell TPE33112JR701C engines with 925 horsepower. Also designated C-41 in the US Air Force.

Operators: Angola, Australia, Bolivia, Argentina, Botswana, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ghana, Venezuela, Djibouti, Guinea, Zimbabwe, Dominican Republic, Jordan, Indonesia, Kiribati, Spain, Lesotho, Colombia, Mexico, Malta, Nicaragua, Myanmar, Myanmar , UAE, Portugal, Paraguay, Senegal, Puerto Rico, Suriname, Sudan, Thailand, USA, France, Uruguay, Chile, Chad, Ecuador, Sweden, South Africa, Equatorial Guinea, Vietnam.


Features Indonesian Aerospace NC-212:


Length: 16,15m.

Wingspan: 20,27m.

Maximum speed: 360 km / h.

Number of seats: 25mest.

Crew: 2cheloveka.

Maximum takeoff weight: 8100kg.

Cabin length: 6.55m.

Cabin width: 2.10m.

Capacity - 3000kg.

Indonesian Aerospace CN-235 

Casa CN235 is a turboprop light transport aircraft.

Designed by the Airtech consortium led by the Spanish firm CASA and the Indonesian firm Industri Pesawat Terbang Nusantara. For the first time a prototype aircraft etel in May 1981. Production of the Casa CN235 series began in May 1988. There are a number of variations.

The largest customer is Turkey with a total of 61 aircraft.

Also bought by the following countries like USA, Spain, Colombia, Chile, Panama, Ecuador, Indonesia, France.


Indonesian Aerospace CN-235 Specifications:


Length: 21,353m.

Height: 8,177m.

Wingspan: 25,81m.

Wing area: 59,10kv.m.

Flight range: 5055 km.

Cruising speed: 454km / h.

Ceiling: 8110m.

Number of seats: 48mest.

Load capacity: 6000kg.

Crew: 2-3cheloveka.

Weight of empty aircraft: 8800kg.

Maximum takeoff weight: 16500kg.

Domestic fuel: 4230kg.

Engine: 2 × TVD GeneralElectric CT79C.

Power: 2 × 1394,5kW. 

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