Information on weather conditions "Macedonia" Airport 1997
Information on weather conditions "Macedonia" Airport 1997

Information on weather conditions "Macedonia" Airport 1997

The weather over the Macedonia airport on the night of the incident was typically winter for this part of the country. Torn low clouds at 600 feet, overcast at 1200 feet with an upper limit at 15 000 feet (according to pilot reports). The wind from the south-east is weak, the surface temperature is from 1 * C to 3 ° C. Information SAPI information service in the aerodrome area was transmitted on the 127.5 frequency.

The disaster at Thessaloniki. Yak-42. Aerosvit. 1997 year.

Pilots have reported moderate to severe icing at an altitude of 3500 feet.

  1. Full information about the vessel
  2. Information about downloading and ship the balance
  3. Information on meteorological conditions Airport "Macedonia"
  4. Information about the location and the very clash
  5. Place the debris and factors vizhivaemosti
  6. Analysis: General Terms of Crash
  7. Overview of confusion in the cockpit
  8. The study of the effectiveness of the Manager
  9. Basic facts about the crash of the Yak-42
  10. The main causes of the disaster

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