Belarus CB "indels" has developed a promising robotic drone type INSKY. Its creation is related to the interests of the Army and Air Force. UAV for the first time presented on static display "MAX-2013» in its entirety. The entire complex consists of a UAV INSKY 3 vehicles and ground-based security. The first flight took place in 2010 year.

The unmanned helicopter can carry 30 kg payload. Tactical range of - 100 km. Inside, designers installed navigation system with neural network algorithms. A special observation equipment installed on two axes gyrostabilized platform, which was developed entirely in Belarus, and is considered a "know-how".

INSKY operated UAVs for surveillance and monitoring in the infrared and visible spectrum range and is used:

  1. For exploration and observation of one or more purposes (eg human).
  2. To work in emergencies (fires, technological accidents, when the terrorist threat in the riots, floods).
  3. In recognition and tracking, escort and convoy.
  4. For the protection of national borders, important and strategic facilities.
  5. To monitor the power lines and pipelines or, where necessary, of damage and defects.
  6. To support the geological and surveying.
  7. To control the migration of animals and the protection of nature reserves.


The main advantage of using UAVs is to eliminate threats to the life of the crew when performing tasks in difficult and emergency situations. The entire complex is quite efficient, since it can turn around and get ready to complete the task in 15 minutes. A runway is not needed for takeoff. Compared to UAVs, the cost of maintenance, operation and operator training is significantly lower, which allows significant savings on costs.

UAV is designed so that if necessary, the operator can re-equipped its payload and to change the task using the complex. Also, the number of flight and navigation equipment can be increased. Ground-based equipment complex consists of the NSO (there are all the necessary components for easy software control and operational diagnostic equipment). Driving UAV INSKY - classic single-rotor with tail rotor.

The NSO is responsible for controlling the flight of the UAV and attached to his equipment, processing and receiving data, the display on the monitor and document information from the drone. Also, ground control station provides information exchange with external customers. The helicopter is designed to transport equipment payload to the desired area of ​​the equipment to ensure efficiency of the teams that come from the NSO or the host.

The NSO is responsible for ensuring:

  1. The exchange of telemetric information from the UAV in real time.
  2. Conversion and subsequent display of telemetry data on the monitor as text and graphic images.
  3. Flight management and operation of aircraft payload.
  4. Monitoring the technical condition of the onboard equipment.
  5. Automated preparation of flight mission UAV and its entry into the onboard computer.


UAVs equipped with optimal system INSKY editing waypoints. If the operator has the ability to connect to the internet, it can do without any list of waypoints or routes. Software developers of the complex was transferred to the Russian, English and Spanish. Thus the customer can optionally require the translation of the software into any language.

Drone with gyro-stabilized optical electrical system is equipped with an infrared camera IndelaOGD-20HIR radiopoiskovoy and a specially designed system for the search and discovery of the second UAV, which made an emergency landing. The complex consists of two devices.

Repair kit INSKY. It designed for maintenance and repair in the event of an operational accident. Kit consists of a set of spare parts and tools, materials for reconstructive procedures, and accessories.

INDELA-GCS - ground control station, which is located in a trailer "Kupava". The trailer is located 2 compartment. The first management system (air conditioning, heating and ventilation equipment installation). The second - a sealed chamber, which is equipped with special slipway designed for storage and transportation of the UAV.

During takeoff and landing UAV visual inspection is carried out with an automatic orientation telemetry channel INDELA-ATA 5800 and video camera installed in the positioning system antennas. The field contains a set of auxiliary tools and equipment for maintenance and deployment of the NSO and the UAVs in the field. In addition, built into a set of fire-fighting equipment.

BLA INSKY has one engine, PD can reach speeds of up to 130 km / h. The empty weight of the drone is 80 kg, and with a payload - 150 kg. Service ceiling - 1500 m.

INSKY. Characteristics:

Modification   INSKY
The diameter of the rotor, m   3.17
Length m   3.05
Height, m   1.35
Width, m   1.18
Weight, kg  
  empty   80
  maximum take-off   150
  Fuel   25
engine's type   1 PD
Power, hp   X 1 26
Maximum speed km / h   130
Cruising speed, km / h   70
Flight duration, h   5
Static ceiling, m   1500


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