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Interview: Eugene Demyanyk - student SPbGUGA

good afternoon


Kind kind)

 My name is Demjanik Eugene, I am a student at St. Petersburg University of Civil Aviation.

 Almost finished the second course, or rather, its theoretical part.

Well, soon we believe is the practice?


Absolutely. 12 August to be in the city of Cherepovets.

In what form your school provides the practice? it's free ?


In any form? In the form of aircraft, airport and instructors)). For those who are studying on a budgetary basis all free. Behind the hostel we do not pay, in the dining room of the University are fed for free, to practice the same. Even the way to pay.

And if the topic does not affect the public sector? They strongly it beats afford?


Well, count yourself. The apartment is one bedroom and Aviagorodok - an average of 20000 p \ month + power. Well, for the training, I heard that 92000 p \ + years experience ... But the practice is very expensive ... Exact figures can not name, but liter of aviation fuel costs around 100 rubles per liter, and trainers need to pay salaries and keep the planes in good condition. In general, very expensive. From some people I have heard that it is about several million rubles.

Mdda ... Taki beats afford ...

 How old do you study?


We are specialists. 5 years learning.

And after years 5 just behind the steering wheel? or first assistant to ... tell us what steps you need to go after training for individual aeronautics?


Why not? And during training, we sit at the helm. 150 hours swoop necessary. This is a real raid. we fly a lot more at the gym.

 For individual aeronautics?)) Save money on the plane.

What made you choose this profession its robust, Getting Started interest in flight?


Well, actually, I have always wanted to fly military aircraft. My grandfather served as an engineer in the long-range aviation, flying on father IL-76 In the BTA, I wanted to go to the Krasnodar School of Pilots, but in my year of recruitment was not, so I applied to SPbGUGA.      

What, by the way, no regrets and am very happy that I study here.

It's nice to hear it ... What's the heavy tuition?


The hardest thing? A huge amount of material, and not for the overall development, as in many other professions, namely, the material that you need to know.

Time to remember and look there, as well as parking in the sky)

Everyone who learns given this profession?


Not everyone ... that's why a lot of people expelled.

What is the approximate% dropout rate?      


After the first session, I do not remember ... but the 15 percent expelled. Later smaller, of course)

Tell us some interesting case of practical training to our readers (without mentioning names)?


Yes, I do not know that the talk is to be honest, that's going to fly for the first time, then I think a lot of interesting cases will be.

What do you plan in the future, after graduation?


Fly, learn to fly, learn to)))

Well, if you look at 10 years from now, what would you like to achieve?


Become the commander of the aircraft of course)

Successes you in this. 

A gain, I wonder on what parameters? Taking into account whether any theoretical already existing knowledge of the applicant? Evaluated whether the level of physical fitness? If so, which ones, what wishes to do you need to pay special attention to?
Thank you)

The first is the exam, various psychological tests and physical training. Fizpodgotovka- pull it and run (100 and 1000m)

The plane - it's not a scooter, in fact, we need to seriously study and do the costs for expensive this thing, the plane, a man and a ticket to him can not buy. So, to become a professional will have to study long and hard for the money.