Irkut Irkut-2M Multipurpose UAV
Irkut Irkut-2M Multipurpose UAV

Irkut Irkut-2M Multipurpose UAV

"Irkut-2M" - aviation complex of remote sensing, which is used to perform monitoring tasks in a wide range of weather conditions, provides the transmission and reception on the ground in real-time photographic and television images of the terrain determines the coordinates of the object at the request of the operator, and also provides collection, storage and video processing.

The complex consists of two UAVs, a ground maintenance and management. Flying drone up to 1,5 hours. During flight information are transmitted from the sensors of the payload on a control point, which is located on the earth's surface. The range of the signal - to 20 km.

To deploy a complex, check its serviceability, entered the flight task and bring it into a state of flight readiness requires no more than 15 minutes.

Launching UAV "Irkut-2M" is performed by the starting device, planting can be done even unequipped ground sites using a parachute.

The design of the UAV contains a large number of composite materials, which even at low weight provide excellent durability of the device. The assembly of the UAV can be carried out quickly without any special hardware.

The main advantages of the complex:

  • Low life cycle costs and maintenance.
  • Easy to operate - does not require highly skilled professionals.
  • Safety and reliability (emergency parachute landing, return to the starting point).

In 2009 year a deal was made between the scientific and production company "Irkut" and foreign customer for the supply of air complexes party monitoring and observation of the UAV "Irkut-2M."

Representative NPK "Irkut" Malov Yu said the party UAVs "Irkut-2M" was sent to one of the CIS countries. In total, the number of drones implemented this model has already exceeded a few dozen. On the export options as the payload installed camera. On request, they are supplemented with a camera and thermal imaging equipment within the payload 300 grams.

Irkut Irkut-2M. Characteristics:

Modification   Irkut-2M
Wingspan, m   1.47
Length m   0.45
Height, m   0.30
Weight, kg  
  maximum take-off   3
engine's type   1 AP
Power, hp   1 x
Cruising speed, km / h   65 – 105
Radius of action, km   20
Flight duration, h   1.5
Operating altitude, m   100 – 300
Practical ceiling, m   3000


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