Irkut Irkut-850 Multipurpose UAV
Irkut Irkut-850 Multipurpose UAV

Irkut Irkut-850 Multipurpose UAV

"Irkut-850" - this aviation complex of remote sensing, the purpose of which is to obtain a real-time three-dimensional, thermal imaging, television, radar, photographic image area, the processing of received files, and determining the coordinates at the request of the operator. Also, "Irkut-850» can be used to deliver small loads.

The system comprises two optionally piloted glider Stemme S-10VT, hired control station and maintenance facilities. Glider can be used in manned and unmanned versions. The transition from one mode to another does not require any additional measures. So he was named "optionally piloted aircraft" since it includes the control system, which allows flights unmanned.

Instruments, thanks to which the motor-planer is transformed into a UAV, are installed in the cockpit on the right-hand instrument panel. Underwing containers are capable of carrying various types of load, which can be replaced promptly, namely: thermal imaging and television systems on a gyrostabilized platform, an automatic digital camera of high resolution, and a laser 3D mapping system. "Irkut-850" has a mass of 860 kg, in unmanned mode, the flight duration is up to 12 hours. The range of the radio signal that connects the aircraft to the ground control station is limited to 200 km.

Take-off and landing can be carried out at the minimum prepared sites. During 12 hours of flight glider collects data and real-time feeds them to the ground control point located within a radius of up to 200 km.

The main advantages of the complex is the high battery life, which does not require tools airfield support, and low life cycle cost and operation.

"Irkut-850" at the first demonstration in public was in demand. It was included in the security system at MAKS-2005. During the event, this UAV is flown on a daily basis under the leadership of the security forces.

The Austrian company Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH turned its attention to the concept of an optionally manned vehicle. During the MAKS-2005, a contract was signed between the Austrians and the Irkut Corporation about the intention to jointly create a pilot-unmanned complex, based on the DA42 Twin Star aircraft. A gyrostabilized optical monitoring system SON-112 will be installed on this device, the purpose of which is to sound the earth's surface for various non-military purposes. The use of technologies implemented in the Irkut-850 program should increase the versatility of the Austrian aircraft. 

Irkut Irkut-850. Characteristics:

Modification   Irkut-850
Wingspan, m   23.00
Length m   8.42
Height, m   1.80
Weight, kg  
  maximum take-off   860
engine's type   1 AP
Power, hp   1 x
Maximum speed km / h   270
Cruising speed, km / h   165
Radius of action, km   200
Flight duration, h   12
Operating altitude, m   500
Practical ceiling, m   9000


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