Irkutsk Aviation Plant
Irkutsk Aviation Plant

Irkutsk Aviation Plant


In 1932 year, in March, by the order of number 181 plant was established under the name of Irkutsk Aviation Plant №125. Oddly enough, the factory began to actively work only after two years. The development was planned to make the fighter I-14, which later successfully passed the test flight was launched for production. The main objective was the destruction of the aircraft air forces of the enemy, but the short-term priority mission - is defense.

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Defend your state, that's why I-14 was created, as well as it could be used for transportation of various cargoes, in particular, aircraft parts. The fighter carried out active operations during the First World War, for this purpose it was created, and later improved at times. In 1941, by order No.1139, two plants were planned to be merged, Irkutsk No. 125 and Moscow No. 39, the idea was successfully fulfilled, and the enterprise received a new name: the Order of Lenin and the Order of the Red Banner of Labor aircraft factory No.39 named after I.N. Stalin. This "slept" was very strong and for many years produced excellent aircraft.

Thus, from 1941 to 1943 year, the Pe-2 dive bomber was produced. It was not much different from other models of aircraft, only that, it was solved the problems of protecting the car and the crew. The armor became bigger, thereby more durable, and also, the crew was equipped with new means of protection. This was done to ensure that the fire from the ground or the sea did not destroy aircraft easily, that is, did not become easy money. For the perfect state of the aircraft, air brakes were added, thanks to which the bomber could easily maneuver. All ideas were successfully produced in life and such images, the Pe-2 model was obtained.

Also, during the combined plant, several models of long-range bombers were created, namely: IL-4, IL-6 and Ep-2. They were produced in the period from 1942 to 1946 year, respectively. Naturally, the direct task of the aircraft was a battle during World War II. Also specifically for the Second World War, a long-range fighter was created, the only one of its kind, the Pe-3, it was produced only two years, during the 1941 - 1943 years. 

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After the war, the plant was producing a lot of different categories of aircraft, but became iconic vehicles, such as the AN-12 and An24. The first model was good enough, but not exactly what the government wanted to see her, that's why, have created an improved AN-24, which fits all the criteria. Produced they 1952 1962 and 1967 on 1971 on year, respectively. In 1989 the plant gets a new name "Irkutsk Aircraft Production Association", abbreviated IAPA.

Irkutsk Aviation Plant is currently a powerful production site of the corporation "IRKUT", its main processing center. 

Currently, the Su-30MK multipurpose combat aircraft in various modifications is in serial production - Su-30MKI for India, Su-30MKM for Malaysia, Su-30MKA for Algeria.

The mass production of components for AIRBUS Airbus A320 has begun: it is a niche of the front landing gear, keel rail and flap guide. 

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