Irkutsk Aviation Technical College of Civil Aviation
Irkutsk Aviation Technical College of Civil Aviation

Irkutsk Aviation Technical College of Civil Aviation



Over the years of its existence, the technical school has become one of the largest professional secondary institutions in the Russian Federation. At the moment, more than a thousand students are trained at the IAT in five specialties: "Aircraft production", "Mechanical engineering", "Computer complexes and systems", "Programming in computer systems", "Information security in automated systems".

Today Irkutsk Aviation College - a school, which is equipped with the latest technology necessary equipment, has a strong technical and material base and the enormous potential of the team of teachers.

Over the years accumulated experience has enabled college in 2008-2009godah double win in the competition of the national priority project "Education" among public educational institutions of primary vocational and vocational secondary education, which implement educational innovation projects.

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The implementation of educational innovation programs made it possible to create a modern educational environment for the formation of a stable motivation of young people to ensure that work in high-tech sectors of the economy.

Today in the Irkutsk Aviation Technical College conducted the preparation of specialists on two profiles: information technology, material and educational base and a system of preparation of experts in these areas transformed radically.

Successfully implemented in the educational process of CAE / CAD / CAM-technology - from manufacturing and simulation to monitor products using CMMs. And in the production areas and educational laboratories use the same hardware and software as well as at the Irkutsk Aviation Plant.

In the information profile, new laboratories of modern network technologies, measuring and computing complexes and microprocessor systems and, as well as laboratories for the integrated safety of computer equipment have been created.

In technical design and great vnimanieudelyaetsya proektnooy and research and training activities of teachers and students. We have established a research and training center (UIC) in the framework of his working student design bureau.

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The student design bureau on the basis of special laboratories of the UIC is engaged in the development of unmanned aerial vehicles: it develops control systems and designs gliders.

In addition, CSC makes roboty- manipulyatory- guys designing control systems, mechanical components.

On the basis of the personal computer, students design stands; implement computationally-measuring systems; carried out the introduction and study of computerized systems for video surveillance, packet transmission of voice data, biometric systems of information protection.

Such activity is focused on the individual development of creative initiative, personality, the formation of students' universal abilities to independently solve and set tasks for professional activities. The emphasis is on the formation of students' skills to independently apply and acquire knowledge, think, think carefully about decisions made and plan clearly actions, and collaborate effectively in groups that are diverse in profiles and composition. All these tasks required extensive implementation of alternative forms and methods of conducting educational activities in the educational process.

Today we can say that the Irkutsk Aviation College - a school, which is equipped with the best modern technology necessary equipment, which has a strong material and technical base and great potential of the collective of teachers.

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At the moment, in addition to the specialties traditional for the college, the aviation Irkutsk technical school offers cooking according to popular modern specialties.

Most college graduates are employed traditionally Irkutsk Aviation Plant.


1. The software of the automated systems and computer technology;

2. Automated control systems and information processing;

3. Design (industry);

4. Information Security;

5. Maintenance of computer networks ipriborov computing;

6. Engineering technology.

The college was founded by Decree number 2243-616C of the Council of Ministers of the Soviet Union dated 27.06.1947/92/40 under the name of the Irkutsk school of aviation junior specialists of the State Navy for the preparation of mechanics. By decree number 11.01.1951-XNUMXC of the Council of Ministers of the Soviet Union dated January XNUMX, XNUMX, the Irkutsk ShMAS was transformed into a technical aviation school of the civilian air fleet.

By order of the number ET-card 110 16.07.1993 from air transport, on the basis of the school year in 1994 was created by Irkutsk Aviation Technical College of Civil Aviation.

By order number 1639-r of the Government of the Russian Federation dated November 27.11.2006, 14 and order number AU-05.02.2007r FAVT dated February XNUMX, XNUMX, the college was reorganized into a branch of the Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation.

The structure of preparation in the college focuses on meeting the needs of Russian airlines and the Federal Air Transport Agency and in specialists with vocational secondary education (advanced and basic levels), which are implemented on the basis of a complete secondary general education.

College conducts educational activities in such educational programs of vocational secondary education:

160901 - Technician, Senior Technician (Technical maintenance of engines and aircraft

100112 - service transport according to the means of transport on specializations:

On board the aircraft maintenance;

On aircraft aviation safety by assigning the category "Service Specialist in transport."

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