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Artificial stagnation and admiration

Artificial stagnation and admiration

“Putin also mentioned that Russian engine builders should be congratulated on the creation of the PD-14 engine. According to the president, such engines have not been made in Russia for about three decades - since the 80s of the last century " (//

The first serial engine after the Soviet era and the first admiration from the President! But the impression is that the comment comes from the president of another state. Why? Yes, because the head of the RUSSIAN state seems to have to remember that during his long leadership there were several engines for different purposes at the output, but another thing is that they were not allowed to enter the series. Here you can make a discount on the fact that the President has a shortage of time to work with the Internet:

"... Therefore, to be honest, the employees of my staff, the Administration, of course, very actively use the Internet in all its forms, but I personally do not practically use it" (

Probably, this is the reason for the lack of awareness of aircraft engines. Presumably, he does not read either, but still, to dear Vladimir Vladimirovich, let me remind you that when you were President, the following engines were created: VK-800; TVD-1500; RD-600, NK-93. The only trouble is that at the final stage, the government deprived them of funding, and therefore serial production. But today another of them has a hope that in the near future it will be in the series: "CIAM approved the equipping of Baikal with a VK-800S engine."

And the TV7-117 engine managed to survive earlier. Thanks to the Canadians who refused to supply engines for the Mi-38 helicopter, after which work on TV7-117 in helicopter and aircraft versions was completed and here's to you: “THE BEST in the world. Engine TV7-117 "(January 26, this year

Undoubtedly, the other engines listed above would be the best if the government had not tripped them on the last “hundred meters”.

It should be noted that the national economy of Russia is in great need of all these engines to this day! For example, put the RD-600S engine on the Novosibirsk remotorized An-2, and already a good half of Russia would fly on these planes, bringing benefits to people and profit to the state treasury. No, it was necessary to put American unreliable Honeywell TPE331-12 on them under the pretext that we do not have such engines?

We really didn’t have such dead engines !!!

The only trouble is that domestic engines for government officials were secondary in importance for kickbacks, so at the final stage they were put in a "stick in the wheel" and their life froze even during the tests.

Moreover, at the Kazan engine-building plant, Vyacheslav Boguslaev struggled to launch the MC-500 engine (650hp) for the Ansat helicopter into production (count it for free). But since there was no personal freebie for effective managers here, they firmly stood in the way of V. Boguslaev (count against the interests of Russia) and won:

“Then we (V. Boguslaev with the MC team - from the author) for Ansat built the MC-500 engine (650hp) on a new basis, unique in terms of compressor. Received a certificate this year.

Imagine, I go to the officials in Moscow. I ask: “Where is it to be produced in Russia? I will give half of the intellectual property and design documentation for free, so that it is 50-50. This is the property of my private enterprise, not Ukraine. And I do not need permission from anyone - the state share in it is zero. " We are told: “No. You will not make this engine at the UEC factories ”.

And new concerns, and a new cycle of enterprises in Russia. I find the Kazan Engine-Building Production Association (KMPO). Mintimer Shaimiev was then President of Tatarstan. I told him about my idea. There is a helicopter plant in Kazan, and behind the fence, at the aircraft engine plant, there are zero orders. The plant was bought by Gazprom for 60%, so it did not become part of the UEC.

Shaimiev gave the go-ahead, the director of the enterprise gave the go-ahead, we “started up” the deal with the specialists of this plant, assembled the engine. Kazan engineers and technologists studied here in Zaporozhye. The engine was demonstrated on August 10 at an exhibition in Kazan. And in Moscow they say: "Well, this is in Tatarstan ..."

Where did we go? There is nowhere further. Is Tatarstan not Russia?

And now we are providing a joint Russian-Ukrainian product. Terrible resistance! I signed, already under the new president, an agreement with the Ministry of Economy of Tatarstan on this engine. So the minister is told: "No, you will make VK-800." “But he’s not there,” he replies. "And you do!" (It's time to remember the pest trials. September 15, 2010. ["Arguments of the Week"] Dossier "AN").

Until now, Ansat is produced with Pratt & Whitney PW-207K engines, but it could be much cheaper with MS-500 engines.

This is our "import substitution", when Russian and Russian-Ukrainian engines are replaced by American ones!

But if you, dear President, are not in the know about the above engines, then on the outstanding NK-93 you had information in full, which you received from the Communists from the State Duma. Although it was a long time ago, "Wagon is still there"! And in vain, today our Ministry of Defense really needs new An-124s, which were previously assembled in Ulyanovsk, but there are no engines. The designers of the NK-93 have long argued that this engine can easily increase the thrust up to 23,5 tons, which is what the An-124 Ruslan aircraft requires. And Academician A.A. Inozemtsev, characterizing the NK-93 as a backward engine:

“… I do not consider the NK-93 project to be innovative, because methodology and design tools, production technologies for the manufacture of NK-93 date back to the mid-80s of the last century. Respectfully yours, General Designer, member of the editorial board of the Dvigatel magazine AA Inozemtsev.

After such self-promotion from Mr. A.A. Inozemtsev it was expected that PD-14 would be fantastic. But alas, at the output this engine turned out to be clearly older than the NK-93 in terms of fuel consumption: the PD-14 had a higher specific fuel consumption than the NK-93. And the amount of fuel consumption is the main indicator of the perfection of any engine.

To this it should be added that the NK-93 with a margin exceeds all ICAO requirements for noise and environmental friendliness. Moreover: during bench tests NK-93 instead of the calculated thrust = 18t. gave out thrust = 20t, and specific fuel consumption - at the level of 0,49 kg / kgf / h.

This engine is really worth admiring and proud of!

But it was removed directly from the tests and frozen, to which the ex had a hand. Minister of Industry and Trade V.B. Khristenko:

“And here's the news - allegedly the“ great friend ”of NK-93, Minister Khristenko, was informed about the content of articles in“ AN ”, where we directly call him a pest. In response, he did not sue, but took a bite at the bit and gave the command: “So that I never hear about NK-93 again.

... The program of production of the passenger version of our only long-haul airbus Il-96 was actually closed by Khristenko's department, which he personally announced two years ago. The argument is insufficient fuel efficiency. It is clear that this is nonsense of an amateur, pilots of "silts" and designers do not think so "(NK-93: last journey № 20 (210) from 27.05.2010 [" Arguments of the Week ", Industrial Policy Department]).

In continuation, it is worth noting that if the Il-96 airliner became "gluttonous", it was only thanks to the Perm PS-90 engines (general designer A.A. Inozemtsev), since it was originally designed for stronger and more economical engines NK-93 ...

The financier Kudrin also remarkably noted in the destruction of NK-93: “The main brake is Finance Minister Kudrin. If he gave money, it was at the very end of the year, and in January he took it as unused during the year. And in the Ministry of Industry and Trade (Khristenko) and in Oboronprom (Reus) and in the new leadership of the joint "Motorostroitel" with SNTK (Nikitin) - complete braking "

As a result, the government entered into agreements with Boeing and Airbus for the purchase of HUNDREDS of aircraft from them, and the innovative NK-93 aircraft engine was "ripped off" from the flying laboratory at the LII named after. Gromov and brought it to the warehouse of the falling apart SNTK (NK-93: HOW TO HANDLE ON "OBORONKA" //

In continuation, it makes sense to recall the interesting project of the Il-106 cargo plane.

“Back in Soviet times, a program was launched to create the Il-106 aircraft, but after 1992 it was terminated due to lack of funds. At that time, the existing An-124 aircraft was sufficient " (01 February 2019

This aircraft is equipped with 4 NK-93 engines with a total thrust of 72 tons. was supposed to replace the An-22 "Antey". Then there was not enough money, and when it became abundant, the government threw our finances on the development of foreign aircraft construction. So, in 2010 ex. President D.A. Medvedev allocated as much as $ 4,3 billion to Boeing, and then, already being prime minister, added $ 3,5 billion to them. A lot of money was spent on the Superjet from foreign parts, in particular, French engines, and their wonderful planes were sent into oblivion.

Today in the Ministry of Defense the An-124 "Ruslan" aircraft are finalizing their resources and only the Il-76 with a half load remain in comparison with the An-124, for which the government sees the project of a heavy aircraft "Elephant" with two PD-35 engines, instead of 4- х propulsion An-124.

The fashion for replacing four-engine heavy aircraft with two-engine ones came from the West for economic gain at the expense of flight safety. In this case, such a saving option is not visible, because the future PD-2 is a scaled PD-35, therefore, even higher fuel consumption should be expected from two PD-14s than that of 35 NK-4 engines. In addition, one PD-93 is heavier than two NK-35 (two NK-93 = 93t, and one PD -7,3 ~ 35t), and then the word "more modern" will do its dirty work on the PD-8, i.e. will make it fabulously expensive. For example, PD-35 is 14t weaker in thrust than NK-93. (6t. Versus 14t.) And the same amount is more expensive:

 “The cost of one PD-14 is approximately six million dollars, and the PW1400G is 5,4 million” (“Military Industrial Courier”); "The cost of the NK-93 is about US $ 4.5 million, similar engines from foreign manufacturers are priced at US $ 5 million or more" (Wikimedia Foundation). And if the weaker PD-14 is already more expensive than the NK-93, then the PD-35 will be several times more expensive, but the government turned a blind eye to this and “The development of the PD-35 engine takes 10 years and 180 billion rubles. (// 27.09.2016). And then “Accordingly, for its ground tests and tests of all PD-35 components, a whole test complex built from scratch will be required - it will appear in 2023 (see our material - /”. And this is also money and SMALL!

And this is "Despite the fact that" NK-93 "has already been created, and its adaptation to modern realities requires only about 1,5 billion rubles, it was decided to freeze the project and launch the development of the" PD-14 "family worth about 80 billion rubles ”(, and now we will build PD-35 for fantastic money. Such "business executives" in the Kremlin government: "There is money - no mind!" What should be done in this situation? And in this situation, you don't even need to go to a fortune-teller: first launch the NK-93 into the series, and then, on its basis, think for an engine with a thrust of 30 tons. Again, if necessary, and not compete with the West for the sake of competition.

The main value of a 4-engine aircraft lies in its high safety in case of failure of one engine in flight, especially since it will fly, like the An-124, all over the world, and even with military cargo! The Il-96 pilots say that the failure of one engine in flight has little effect on the continuation of the flight. But when a foreign twin-engine aircraft is over the sea, it happens that it is then searched for months, or even years in the alleged splashdown areas. If an An-124 with 2 engines, then when flying, say, to Syria, if one engine fails, it will be forced to land in the nearest airport of a foreign state, which is very undesirable, especially with a military cargo on board.

I hope that both the Minister of Defense and the Supreme Commander-in-Chief will take note of this feature of the heavy aircraft!

And further. PD-35 is planned to be launched into series only in 2026, and adjusted for our reality, this means that if, with a successful coincidence of circumstances, they manage to launch it this way in 2030, it will be beyond praise!

If the government had spent finances on the creation of its aircraft, then today the Ministry of Defense would operate heavy Il-106 aircraft, and Il-76s would help them, not counting the An-124. In Aeroflot, instead of Boeings and airbuses, domestic Il-96, Tu-204, Tu-330, Tu-334, Su-80, Rysachek and remotorized An-2, which really deserve ADVISION, would profitably work!

And PD-14 turned out to be far from the promised capabilities and “In general, Aeroflot announced that it would buy MC-21 airliners only with American engines. It's strange to hear this news after all the shouts about what a wonderful PD-14 engine we have created. The question arises - is the Russian government doing something other than the World Championships and the Universiades? " (We built, built and finally built - ... March 21, 2019 MILITARY AND POLITICAL REVIEW

Vitaly Belyaev, especially for

So correctly our tsar says what kind of NK-93 is ready from the 80s, what kind of Russia is here.

Nk 93 does not fit anywhere, except where to put it on il76?

That's right, Alexander! On the AN-2 it will be too big.

on NK 93 I agree completely, on the topic

I read and a tear flows from pain for the Motherland!

I'd rather fly on an airplane with imported engines than it is not clear how the assembled engine of the locksmith Petit, with a salary of 25t rubles.

In Soviet times, they flew everything Soviet. No problem! It was because of such suspicious passengers that they began to fly in all American. As in Chekhov: "The Volga runs into the Caspian Sea, as if something did not work out ..."

The famous unsafe aircraft in the world, the Boeing 737, is being assembled by locksmith John with a salary of $ 3500. Am I missing something?

HERE ON THE AIRPLANE and fly towards the border and away, and Petya and I will still live in our country, but you don't know about salaries and don't know.