Trial by fire: Russian bombers-missile.
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Trial by fire: Russian bombers-missile.

Trial by fire: Russian bombers-missile.


Russian strategic bombers-missile and passed its first important test, showing all its power in the fight against the group "Islamic State". It would seem, it is nothing unusual in this, however, and for most of the Russian Federation and the countries participating in NATO's first use of strategic bombers has been very impressive, especially since before the bombing of the enemy was carried out only during exercise, which could put under doubt the effectiveness of Tu and Tu-95-160.



Previously, no one doubted that Russian strategic missile-carrying bombers are capable of carrying out an intercontinental flight, but until now no one was sure of the real strength of these Russian air force assets. Nevertheless, Russian combat aircraft were able not only to carry out a very long flight, but also to attack all enemy targets with 90% accuracy, literally plunging the members of the Islamic State group into panic.



Earlier, in the first half of this year, the country's government proposed an initiative to resume the production of Tu-160 strategic bombers, and this idea found support. Nevertheless, the combat tests of these aircraft carried out last week indicated that it is very promising to resume the production of these supersonic bombers, capable of not only reaching the set point anywhere on the globe, but also effectively bombing, which further indicates the feasibility the beginning of the production of these aircraft for the defense of the state borders and containment of the NATO onslaught.



The other domestic Tu-95 bomber, which also participated in the flights to bombard the positions of the Islamic State, proved very well, and if earlier the NATO command believed that the aircraft with more than 60-year history can not compete in efficiency with modern bombers, Then at the moment these opinions are under big question. This Russian bomber is capable of carrying a large bomb load, which in turn makes it possible to hit even a well-fortified enemy on a large area, and given the fact that at the moment there are about 30 aircraft of this type on the territory of the Russian Federation, The real power of the Russian army.

Likewise, efforts to negotiate Russia that armed with this country is already obsolete weapons, not past due trials, so openly lie to the world, because, although the aircraft have very advanced age, they are still able to perform the tasks.


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