Tests UAV designed by Taranis
Tests UAV designed by Taranis

Continue testing in the UK developed an unmanned aircraft designed by Taranis.



BAE Systems Taranis is a special program to develop the UAV technology with UCAV. Semi-autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle used for intercontinental flights and can carry special weapons to destroy air and ground targets.

In the manufacture of the cabinet, used stealth technology, making it barely visible to radar detection of air targets. Management of aircraft by means of equipment that uses satellite link, finding the command control unit anywhere in the world.

Start of development of the UAV was launched in the year 2005, 2008 year and started production for the assembly of prototypes vehicles. Ground testing of UAV systems were launched in the year 2010 and 2013 August year were carried out test flights. The prototype has a maximum takeoff weight of 8000 2 kg and is equipped with compartments for placing weapons. The machine installed special equipment allows the UAV is an autonomous mode of piloting, without operator control from a command post for a long time.


Taranis project

Major work on the implementation of the development and production of the machine is operated by BAE Systems with the invitation of a Rolls-Royce, GE Aviation Systems and QinetiQ.

Taranis program is surrounded by special secrecy, and flight tests held at the site in South Australia.

During the summer of 2014, the third round of flight tests was launched in the UK. The equipment is improved - the probe of search equipment installed in the front of the apparatus, thermal and radar stelth equipment. Substantial changes are made to the software that manages and controls UAV systems. The system of automated landing and take-off of the device, the construction of accurate attack profiles taking into account the location of targets with correction of the data obtained from the sensors of target control are brought to full readiness. The device will be able to correct the route to minimize the impact of air defense.

At the same time automation of management processes designed to reduce the impact on the unit, the unit system programmed to mandatory confirmation of actions to be undertaken by the UAV operator controls and overall control to prevent possible contingencies or failures in the systems.


Project Taranis 2

UAV is equipped to carry out flight engine Rolls-Royce Adour MK-95, which has a variable thrust vector, which is mounted so as to best conceal the gas turbine aircraft to give greater stealth flight.
UK Ministry of Defence binds with high hopes Taranis project planning, it can become a basis for a future platform, which has great prospects and superior in its capabilities to develop Eurofigter Typhoon.

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