Fighter F-16. A photo. Characteristics.
Fighter F-16. A photo. Characteristics.

Fighter F-16 (General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon)

F-16 fighter - the main aircraft of the United States, in service for many years. By the beginning of the 2001, the army had about 3000 fighters of various modifications.

F-16 photo

Characteristics of the F-16 fighter:

· Length of the aircraft, m 14,52

· Wingspan, m 9,45

· Wing area, m2 28,9

· Root chord length, m 5

· Empty weight, kg 6400

· Take-off weight, maximum, kg 15 000

· Mass of fuel in internal tanks, kg 3160

· Flight speed, maximum 2М

· Cruising speed 0,93M

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