MiG 17 flown under the bridge.
MiG 17 flown under the bridge.

 Fighter MiG 17 flew under a bridge? 


4 1965 June, under the municipal bridge over the Ob river flew a jet fighter MIG-17.

This case was interpreted ambiguously and reached the highest ranks. The culprit of this incident was Valentin Privalov. For his unstoppable prowess, the pilot almost paid the price with freedom, but not a single pilot in the world can repeat this. 

Eyewitnesses of this episode claim that the plane seemed to have emerged from the river. Huge waves were raised and a gutter formed. 
However, questions arise involuntarily ... Why did the pilot take such a strong risk? Why did he do such a trick without a team? After all, people who did not have this circumstance could suffer. 

They say that this trick was due to a dispute between a pilot and his comrades. But later it became clear that Privalov wanted to prove to himself that he was capable of something more than ordinary flights and flew a meter above the water surface. 

Upon arrival at the airport, the pilot came to the division staff, as if nothing had happened. But soon the pilot was ordered to arrest, the plane was sealed. And the routine interrogations began. The film in the barospidograph (the instrument that records the flight) turned out to be old. They interrogated not only him but his flight companions. The news began to rise higher and higher until it reached the Minister of Defense of the USSR, Marshal R. Malinovsky. 

Marshal decided to personally talk with the pilot and they met at the Chkalov Aviation Plant. 

Later, the pilot was removed from Flight profession.



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