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F-35 fighters need urgent repairs - Pentagon

The Pentagon has requested an unscheduled emergency overhaul of jet engines on all F-35 aircraft, both in service with the United States and sold to partner countries, Defense News reports.

Pratt & Whitney, owned by Raytheon Technologies, must upgrade the engines to prevent their resonant vibration, which has already resulted in the crash of a brand-new F-35B in Fort Worth, as a result of which the pilot had to eject.

Following this incident, aircraft manufacturer Lockheed Martin stopped accepting new F-35s until the cause of the accident was rectified. On Feb. 2, Lockheed confirmed to Defense News that it had not yet resumed flying and accepting new F-35s.

As the article says, upgrading even the entire fleet of F-35s will be “inexpensive and easy,” but all F-35 engines will then have the same configuration. Presumably, work on the modernization of one aircraft can be completed in four to eight hours.

More than 890 F-35s worldwide will be affected by the upgrade, according to Lockheed Martin sales statistics.

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