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Italian "traveler"

Italian "traveler"



Russia is slowly but surely losing its position in the market of light single and twin-engine aircraft. It is difficult to say why, but the European and American planes firmly conquer our market. At the local and regional lines in full fly "Caravan", and in the near future, domestic replacing them is not expected. Despite the government support to producers of GA airplanes, and, despite the fact that our manufacturers claimed the planes almost ready for series production, the sky is still prevalent Cessna and Beechcraft.

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And now it is still possible to be added and "Italians". The Italian company, a manufacturer of light aircraft Tecnam confidently holds on the market. Luigi and Giovanni Pascale, two brothers engineers began their journey in aviation since the famous Umberto Nobile. In 1951, 2 April rose into the air of their first aircraft P48 Astore. Brothers designed light and sports planes, which quickly became popular and sold well. Particularly successful was P55 Tornado design, participant and winner of many competitions.

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With Pascal 1957, the brothers created several companies that are engaged in production of components for the "large" aircraft, and continued to build its lightweight construction. In March 1985 years they founded Tecnam company which successfully exists to this day. The first aircraft of the new company became commercially successful. It was known Tecnam P92, which is available up to now in the sixth generation, and all sold more than 2500 pieces.

Now the case continues Pascal brothers son Giovanni - Paolo Pascal. The company is supported by the Italian investment fund, which has invested in the year 2012 6,5 her million euros.

Now line Tecnam aircraft company is very extensive, it can be seen in 50 the world, including Russia. Yes, the most powerful and vast air power, purchase aircraft in a private Italian company, founded by two brothers, inventors. There is no prophet in his own country.

And so, 6 April the rolling out of a new plane of the Italian firm took place. 11 local regional plane Tecnam P2012 Traveler (see the technical specifications in the section "Blog. Others.) A modern cockpit equipped with Garmin equipment, a comfortable passenger cabin. The peculiarity of the release of this model is the presence of a buyer in the face of the American regional operator Cape Air, who took a direct part in the development of this model. With this plane, the airline's management plans to replace the outdated Cessna 402C. At the moment and in the company there are 83 boards. The new Tecnam aircraft will, of course, be more expensive to operate, but these costs are compensated by a shorter service time, an increase in the number of flight hours, and lower fuel consumption.

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The company Cape Air, based 26 years ago. Runs about 550 flights per day and firmly holds the niche of regional transport, transporting 686 thousand. People a year.

Perhaps soon we are on our regional routes we will see this wonderful modern aircraft, in anticipation of domestic developments.


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