Nikolai Ivanov. Biography. Training. Fighting. A photo.
Nikolai Ivanov. Biography. Training. Fighting. A photo.

Nikolai Ivanov. Biography. Training. Fighting. A photo.






Nikolai Ivanov in childhood did not even think about working as a pilot, but fell in love with aviation by the age of 18. He entered the Stalingrad Pilot School in 1941. In 1943, having finished it, he was sent to Saratov, to the reserve aviation regiment.

After a long ordeal, Ivanov was assigned to the First Regiment 149-323-th division, was situated Smolensk. By the end of the year 1943 21 made a sortie, took part in the battles 16, 2 which shot down German planes and was shot down himself.

Hero of the Soviet Union, the scout 233-Guards

Infantry Regiment, Guards sergeant.




Martial battles.


In winter, 1943-1944 years. weather chained to the ground, and Soviet and German aviation, but in the summer of 1944-division Ivanov 16-entered the Army and took part in the Bobruisk operation. Ivanov flew a lot - gained experience from its experienced leader, Hero of the country's senior lieutenant Morozov. After completion of the Bobruisk operation the division was transferred to 4-th VA, and there participated in the liberation of Poland from German occupation.

Nikolai Ivanov. Biography. Training. Fighting. A photo.


Senior Lieutenant Ivanov 16.02.1945 years again was shot down and bailed out, being deep-fried. He was taken to the Central Aviation Hospital in Moscow. The operation failed to save the damaged eye of the pilot, but the doctors believed that Nicholas could no longer fly. However, persistence Ivanov was stronger than his injuries - he was able to get permission to fly, and then was sent to Vyazniki in Training Center DOSAAF. Then Nicholas got into the 726-IAP, which was to develop new fighter MiG-15.




In the spring of the year 1952 726-th Regiment received orders to relocate, and since the beginning of April Air Division prepared for battle. In July, the division was flown to airfields and Antung Dapu where pilots held their first battle with the "Sabre", which shot down a US car.

Nikolai Ivanov. Biography. Training. Fighting. A photo.


1.08.1952 2 Ivanov knocked down once the aircraft in combat. 20.08, engaging in battle with the most complicated "Thunderjet", which covers "Sabres", Nicholas knocked a 3-th plane. But he was under a lot of fire foreshortening from close range and the moment of destruction of the US aircraft did not hit on the film fotopulemeta. Downed aircraft was credited to the account of the combat regiment. 5.09 Captain Ivanov knocked another "Saber", which he again did not count - American fell into the water. Soon Nicholas was awarded the Order of Lenin and given the rank of Major.

Nikolai Ivanov. Biography. Training. Fighting. A photo.


Jobs in the flight center.


Total Nikolai Ivanov in two wars made sorties 178: 128 of them in domestic and 50 in the Korean conflict, personally, could bring down Ne.2 111, 4 FW.190 3 and American F-86 (officially). After returning home he graduated from the Air Force Academy. As an experienced fighter, Ivanov often took out young pilots practicing aerobatics, especially steep spiral.

Nicholas flew to 1957 years, after which he was forced to leave for health reasons a summer job. But Ivanov did not say goodbye to the aircraft pilot and worked as a guidance counselor and a senior instructor at the Training Center of the city of Yaroslavl.

Only Russian man has the fortitude to ask -obgorevshim again into the sky. again to fight! Can anything break these people? Due to its people, we won the war, that's such a sacrifice forged our pobeda.My, should forget this! Glory and kowtow hero Ivanov Nikolai Ivanovich!