What is included in the ticket price?
What is included in the ticket price?

What is included in the ticket price? And whereby it is possible to reduce?

One of the most important issues that the interests of passengers, is what constitutes the cost of the ticket? And whereby it is possible to reduce the?

You know, in fact, the issue of concern to all. Let's look in order. At first, "aeroflot"Is not a monopoly. We keep about 26% of the market. That's not a lot. The same "Lufthansa","Air France","Alitalia"Hold more than 60% of the market in their own countries. Although we say that we have a market economy, and they are members of the WTO.

Secondly, a year and a half ago we changed the payment system for our tickets. The so-called American model is now used. We have an 22 fare for each flight. And when a person comes and takes a ticket on the last day, he gets it at a very high price. For example, a ticket from Moscow to St. Petersburg can cost up to 900 dollars. And, as a rule, it causes a storm of emotions. We are monitoring. Yes, on every flight there are tickets bought for 900 dollars. But look at the average prices. On the same flight Moscow - St. Petersburg, the average ticket price is 3600 rubles. This is roughly 120 dollars. Is it a lot, or a little?

And whereby it is possible to reduce?

This is a lot for the fact that you are flying on the newest plane, and that you are served by the best flight attendants? On the quality of nutrition last year, we took 3 place in the world. With equipment of various gadgets, we are the best airline in Eastern Europe. 120 dollars - it's inexpensive. Take Sochi. The average ticket price is 4500 rubles, that is 150 dollars. These are the measurements that we make. Why does no one say that more than 70 tickets were sold to St. Petersburg at the price of 90 dollars? Everyone talks about two tickets that they bought at the last minute. What is the problem? Buy for a month. The computer itself makes a decision to increase the price. He looks at the loading of the plane. If tickets are not in demand, then the car does not raise the price. Taking the tickets for a month, you can save a lot. And if you take in two days, because you can not plan ... Well, I'm sorry, it does not work out the other way.

Well, then explain how often the deliberate policy of reducing prices? As far as the average price decreases? And that seasonal tariffs or permanent?

When I took over the company, passenger load was approximately 62%. What does it mean 62% for the airline? Less 75% flight itself does not pay. It turns flying at a loss. Now the average loading 77-78%. And as soon as we see that the competitors begin to lower prices, we also do it.

What is the cost of the ticket?

What is the cost of the ticket? 40% of the cost is kerosene. 22% is the leasing rate. You understand that we have the youngest park in Europe, and this should also be taken into account. The ticket price includes airport fees, which are constantly growing. Moreover, unscrupulous politicians raise these prices absolutely unreasonably. Now these fees are 20% of the ticket price. There are still minor expenses. As a result, we earn 5-6% of the ticket price. Aeroflot does not earn as much as it seems.

If we are talking about how to reduce the cost of tickets, we need to recall the unfortunate article number XXUMX. It allows the passenger to return the ticket at any time. And it happens that a day before departure, the system is reset to 108 tickets back to the system. We, and other airlines, are forced to insure. Understanding that these 100 tickets may come back, we’ll pick up the price. Now the government is working on the issue of canceling this 100 article so that the passenger, when buying a ticket, has a special fare. For example, in "British Airways"You can buy a very cheap tickets. But it would be a mark that the ticket is not refundable. If we introduce it and we, ticket prices can be significantly reduced.

You should also pay attention to the fuel efficiency of aircraft. Today, modern foreign cars are very economical. Why suffer our air-industrial complex? We do not have competitive aircraft. Machines are good, but we are lagging behind in engine. Unless IL-96 It spends about 8 tons per hour, Airbus A330 about 5 tons. This is a significant difference. Besides Airbus more comfortable.

General Director of JSC "Aeroflot - Russian Airlines" Vitaly Saveliev.