From a Moscow airport fly to Simferopol (Crimea)
From a Moscow airport fly to Simferopol (Crimea)

From a Moscow airport fly to Simferopol (Crimea)



Crimea for Russian tourists was always an attractive place, and after no longer need to pass customs control, this resort many of our compatriots began to go every year. Due to the fact that the bridge across the Kerch Strait is still under construction, and in the holiday season at the ferry always long queues of cars, the only preferred route on the Crimean peninsula is through the air communication with the largest cities of Russia Simferopol.

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From a Moscow airport planes fly in Simferopol (Crimea)? This question is raised by many tourists who want to relax on the Black Sea coast.


In Simferopol carried out flights from all airports of the capital, that is, from the Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo and Vnukovo.

Passengers arriving on a domestic flight to the international airport Simferopol, shall not pass customs and passport control, as opposed to people who have arrived from abroad. After the convergence of the ramp of the air passenger vessel is brought to the airport terminal by a special bus.

If you arrived by international flight, you will first have to go through passport control, then pick up your luggage with a special tape and go through customs control. Passengers who arrive in Simferopol by domestic flight, receive baggage without passing control. 

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The distance between Simferopol and Moscow - 1220 km. The average duration of the flight from Moscow to Simferopol is 2 30 hours minutes. Flight duration depends on the airport, flight to the capital, the airline and aircraft type. To know the exact time of flight from Moscow to Simferopol, visit the official website of the airport or the airline flying.


Airlines flying to Simferopol airport from the Russian cities

  • "Aeroflot";

  • "Sibir Airlines";

  • "Ural Airlines";

  • "Airline of Russia";

  • "Globe";

  • "Kostroma airline";

  • "Saratov airlines";

  • "VIM AVIA»;

  • "YuVTaero"

  • "Airline Yakutia";

  • "Red Wings";

  • "Yamal"

  • "Grozny Avia";

  • "Severstal";

  • "Airline Alrosa";

  • Aviation Company "Rusline";

  • airline "Icarus";

  • MetroJet ( «Kogalymavia").

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The most popular models of airliners flying to Simferopol from Moscow are: Airbus (A319, A320-100 / 200, A320, A321, A321-100 / 200), Boeing (737, 737-500, 737-800, 737-800 ), Freighter.

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On the route Moscow - Simferopol possible transplant in Minsk Airport, Istanbul, Riga, St. Petersburg and Kiev.

The cost of a direct flight to Simferopol from Moscow starts from 13 rubles for an economy class passenger and depends on the chosen air carrier and aircraft.

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Finding cheap flights to Crimea is not too lazy to look at the reviews of seasoned travelers. It is not always a cheap flight will be comfortable. To do this, see the information not only on the official websites of airlines and independent travel forum and air portals.

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