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Bill that provoked riots withdrawn from Georgian Parliament

The ruling Georgian Dream party and the Power of the People movement are withdrawing the bill on foreign agents from the Georgian parliament. This is stated in a joint statement of the two political associations, published on March 9 on the Mechta website.

“We see that the adopted bill has caused controversy in society. The lie machine was able to present the bill in a negative light and mislead a certain part of the population,” the statement said.

The authors of the appeal note that part of the Georgian society was convinced that the law was “Russian”, as a result of which the radical forces attracted young people to illegal protest activities. There are plans to hold meetings with the public to clarify the real goals of the bill.

“As the emotional background subsides, we will better explain to the public why the bill was passed and why it was important to ensure the transparency of foreign influence in our country,” the authors of the appeal said.

Recall that in the center of Tbilisi, protesters against the bill on foreign agents have been rioting for the last two nights. They threw Molotov cocktails, stones and pyrotechnics at the police.

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