Changing the ratio of aircraft in the world's leading companies
Changing the ratio of the production of aircraft in the leading companies of the world

Changing the ratio of the production of aircraft in the leading companies of the world


The constant confrontation leading aircraft manufacturers, contributes to changing the ratio of brands and models of aircraft operated by the largest air carrier of passengers and cargo. The competition between aircraft manufacturers, contributes to the modernization of the air fleet, replacing older aircraft with newer models with higher capacity, efficiency and comfort.

Based on the analysis conducted by experts on the basis of work for the period of 2013-2014 financial year, taking into account the introduction of new aircraft types and models, we can conclude the ongoing fierce competition between 2 leading aircraft manufacturers Airbus and Boeing. The main burden falls on the model A320 и Boeing 737. Airbus has increased the implementation model A320 to 8.7%, bringing the total number of aircraft in operation up to 5632 units and Boeing increased its sales by up to 10 4693% aircraft model Boeing 737.

Boeing against eirbasa

Among the models of high-capacity, leading Boeing 777With increasing 8.5% and the total number of planes 1188 units, parameters for the model A330 1020 constitute planes with increasing 10%.
Prospects for sales in the period ahead are optimistic for both companies. Boeing is preparing to carry out an order for a model Boeing 777X for the company from Dubai, and Airbus expects to increase orders for the model A330 neo with new engines.

Boeing continues to refine and eliminate technical problems widebody model Boeing 787 Dreamliner, Bringing the total number of planes of this model in operation until 163 units. Power that is used to build Boeing 787, 10 to allow you to collect aircraft per month.

For freight transport is mainly used model Boeing 747-8The total number of which was reduced to 585 units.

The number of widebody models A380 company Airbus, produced for 7 years 106 increased from units in the year to 2013 136 pieces to fit the portfolio of orders for the production of aircraft 167.
There was a reduction in the fleet of the company model Carriers A340 to 266 aircraft against 298 units last year.

Older models of planes Boeing 757, Boeing 767 and MD-80 tend to decrease to 3% for the year.


Boeing against eirbasa

Another major player in the aviation, Embraer strengthens its position with sales growth in the 8.2%. Modifications E-170, E-175, E-190 and E-Jet in many countries are in great demand and the total number of aircraft in service has been steadily growing and will exceed 2014 1000 units.

The Canadian manufacturer, Bombardier is losing its position in the course of the year there was a reduction in the fleet 11%.

Stable operating and developing Italian-French company ATR, its model ATR 72, has a steady demand from buyers. During the year, the growth of the fleet was 14.6% to 581 aircraft. 

In Russia and the CIS, the number of aircraft produced by domestic companies continued to decline, the model of IL-76TD with 116 units 2013 105 year to this year. There has been a decrease in the number of aircraft models Tu-154 41 36 up with airplanes and Yak-40 with 45 32 up units. The only producer, showing growth - a company Sukhoi SyperJet 100Which brought the total number of aircraft to 28 units and has a portfolio of orders for aircraft 76.
Being finalized medium-haul airliner Irkut MS-21, Which is scheduled for commissioning in 2016 year, and mass production to 2020 years.

capacity aircraft

The regional distribution of the world's aircraft fleet remains the same as last year: in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region on 25%, in North America - 32% .However, when it comes to orders for new aircraft Airbus and Boeing, is dominated by Asia Pacific 3111 with orders from a total of 5812. Two-thirds of the commitments for the Airbus accounted for European countries, and in Boeing's more than two-fifths of the orders received by North American airlines.

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