JetExpo-2016 - exhibition for business
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JetExpo-2016 - exhibition for business

JetExpo-2016 - exhibition for business



Since 8 10 by September at the Moscow Center Business Aviation Vnukovo-3, 11 held the International Business Aviation Exhibition.

In the parking lot, and in the hangar, which is converted in the exhibition exhibition hall with an area of ​​5000 square. m. was billed more than 30 planes, helicopters, and was even presented to the glider. major airlines, business aircraft manufacturers were represented: Airbus, Boeing, Cessna Aircraft, Bell Helicopter, Dassault Aviation, Lufthansa Bombardier, Gulfstream and others.

Their stands were the largest Russian companies representatives of the companies, organizing firms VIP flights and transfers organizers. There were representatives keyeteringovyh and other companies related business aviation. Widely were presented company's aircraft maintenance, company's organization and P MOT certified manufacturers. In 11-th exhibition was expanded presence of companies offering luxuries accompanying business people in flight and on the road, starting from the dishes for serving and ending chic Lamborghini.

In total, working in this market is more than 80 firms and companies were represented in the pavilion and on static display.

At the opening ceremony with a brief welcoming speech made by the Director General of Vnukovo International Airport Vasily Alexandrov, managing director Center Business Aviation Vnukovo-3 Georgi Sharov and CEO «Jet Transfer» Alexander Evdokimov... At the opening of the exhibition, the managing director Lufthansa Bombardier Aviation Services Christophe Mayerroze and CEO Vostok Technical Service Jets Andrew Akopov signed a cooperation agreement to create a maintenance center in "Vnukovo-3".

Corporate jets

"Sukhoi Civil Aircraft"

The exhibition pleased not only with private 7-8 seater planes, but also with large corporate liners. For example, a conversion of a Russian aircraft was presented SSJ100. The modified aircraft was named Superior Sukhoi Business Jet SBJ. Currently the ship is operating the Emergency Situations Ministry. Salon SBJ has two service bays, two salons for meetings and a separate cabin for the main passenger. VIP cabin is designed and manufactured by the Russian firm "VEMINA Aviaprestizh"And is designed to 19 passengers.

According to some reports, 31 August this year, two planes SBJ in VVIP configuration have been incorporated into the 603-Squadron "Cowboy», 6-th Wing RAF Thailand.

JetExpo-2016 - exhibition business lyudey1

JetExpo-2016 - exhibition business lyudey2

JetExpo-2016 - exhibition business lyudey3

JetExpo-2016 - exhibition business lyudey4

Russian business jet SBJ on the base SSJ100



JetExpo-2016 - exhibition business lyudey5

cockpit SBJ It looks unusual because of the lack of steering wheels


Airbus Industries

The next in the line of corporate jets, was presented at the static display ACJ Airbus Corporate Jet. The most wide and spacious cabin, intercontinental range, the highest level of comfort, offering Concern Airbus Industries before ACJCreated on the basis of aircraft A319 series of the latest modifications. Designed plane on 19 passengers who can travel in total comfort. At their disposal a meeting room, a seating area and a bedroom with a shower.

JetExpo-2016 - exhibition business lyudey6

JetExpo-2016 - exhibition business lyudey7

Corporate aircraft Airbus Business Jet on the base A319


Concern - Despite a marked cooling in relations largest player returned between Russia and the United States, the Russian business aviation market Boeing. He presented his own version of corporate aircraft based at the B737 BBJ (Boeing Business Jet). The aircraft is designed to 18 people and can, on request be equipped with different on the number and configuration compartments. The proposed standard BBJ 4 has a main compartment: office, living room, lounge for "suite" and a sleeping compartment with a personal toilet and shower main passenger cabin.

Aircraft used for corporate customers at the exhibition JetExpo increased attention, and the staff of firms "SCA" , Boeing и Airbus even had to regulate the number of people wishing to visit the cabins of these aircraft. Everyone would certainly like to sit in comfortable chairs, see the chic interior trim, and take a selfie. The laid tables with light snacks and drinks were also not ignored by the visitors. There were so many spectators in the booths at once that it was not possible at all to take a more or less normal photo.

JetExpo-2016 - exhibition business lyudey8

JetExpo-2016 - exhibition business lyudey9

The business jet company Boeing BBJ



Dassault, Gulfstream, Bomardier and other

Dassault Aviation

One of the oldest players in the business jet market, the company has traditionally provided almost the entire range of its aircraft. And planes family Falcon It was presented in the form of a full-scale on the static and in the pavilion at the company's stand, in the form of chic made large models. The models with transparent upper part of the fuselage, giving the visitor the ability to immediately view the entire cabin with all the amenities.


1JetExpo-2016 - exhibition business lyudey10

JetExpo-2016 - exhibition business lyudey11

Model aircraft family Falcon to stand firm Dassault Aviation



JetExpo-2016 - exhibition business lyudey12

On static display are located: the left line of jets Dassault, on right Gulfstream. In the background is seen the nose BBJ


JetExpo-2016 - exhibition business lyudey13

family aircraft Falcon




Competing with them, the eternal rival Dassault firm BombardierAlso on its stand he established a string of models of its jets, with beautiful lighting. On static display of the company, in airplanes, on duty uniformed solid type pilots, who with German meticulousness strictly regulated the number of members of the cabin comers. And sometimes even a kind of queue was formed.

JetExpo-2016 - exhibition business lyudey14JetExpo-2016 - exhibition business lyudey15JetExpo-2016 - exhibition business lyudey16


Aircraft Bombardier


Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation

Working in the market of private jets to 1958 years, the company Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, A subsidiary of the Group General Dynamics, Familiar in Russian aviation circles. The exhibition JetExpo, the company put its most advanced aircraft. The line of planes of this company, too, could look like on the stand GACAnd on static display.

I think that there is no need to write about the fact that all the planes were of great interest to the visitors of the exhibition, the salons were constantly filled with photographed spectators, who were interested all the way up to the remote service compartments. The staff had to be constantly in the cockpits and cabinets of the aircraft. Mostly these were pilots of firms, stewardesses, and representatives of Russian branches of manufacturers. As far as I understood from the conversation with the pilot of one of Gulfstream, both he and his colleagues from other companies are amazed by such a heightened interest of Russian visitors to the exhibition, to these rather expensive cars.

JetExpo-2016 - exhibition business lyudey17

JetExpo-2016 - exhibition business lyudey18

Gulfstream on static display.


JetExpo-2016 - exhibition business lyudey16

Friendly stand Gulfstream



JetExpo-2016 - exhibition business lyudey20

Jet company Embraer


Leader in the Russian business aviation company Jet Transfer

JetExpo-2016 - exhibition business lyudey21

JetExpo-2016 - exhibition business lyudey22


Special attention should be paid to Russian firm Jet Transfer, whose general director, Alexander Evdokimov, spoke at the opening JetExpo. The company, established in 2004 year, now is the official representative of three well-known aviation companies: Bell Helicopter, Beechcraft и Cessna Aircraft.

In addition to the sale of aircraft, the company is engaged in the organization of VIP charters. In addition to well-known in our country helicopter Bell 407 and 429, Jet Transfer It offers the latest helicopters Bell 505 Jet Cleaning X. This single-engine, equipped with a turbine engine, five-seat corporate helicopter. In addition, the helicopter company Jet Transfer  also offers customers the latest helicopter Bell 525 Relentless. This is a large corporate machine that can carry up to 20 passengers.

The latest modification of the helicopter Bell 407GXEquipped with dash Garmin G1000H a synthetic vision system.


On static display was presented to the plane Beechcraft King Air 350i. Modern cockpit with three huge screens, a small cozy salon on 6 seats, two turbo-prop engine.


JetExpo-2016 - exhibition business lyudey24

Aircraft Beechcraft King Air 350i at the static exhibition.


The exhibition with the company Jet Transfer It was concluded several contracts for the supply of helicopters Bell 429, Bell 525 and aircraft Cessna 206.

Cessna Aircraft brand in our country need no introduction. For many novice pilots Cessna 150 and 172 \ 182 They became the first mastered their planes. In addition 172 \ 182 types, the company offers

  • *Cessna T206H Stationair

  • *Cessna 208B Large Caravan EX

  • *Cessna TTx

Honda, but not bike

A bright and unusual, red and white airplane, attracted the attention of the audience not so much by its color, but by its unusual and unusual arrangement of engines. The fact is that the two jet engines of the aircraft Honda Jet HA-420 located on the pylons on the wing, but not under it, and over it. This decision, according to the company's designers Honda, Reduces vibration and noise of the engines, as well as improve efficiency. The innovative design, high efficiency and attractive cost of the six-seat aircraft is increased interest among potential buyers. The aircraft can be operated by a single pilot, which is confirmed by the relevant certificate. Range of flight Honda HA-420 more than 2200 km at cruising speed 780 km \ hour.

JetExpo-2016 - exhibition for business 25JetExpo-2016 - exhibition business lyudey26JetExpo-2016 - exhibition business lyudey27

 JetExpo-2016 - exhibition business lyudey28JetExpo-2016 - exhibition business lyudey29


Aircraft Honda HA-420 He attracted the attention of visitors with its unusual design and the original position of the engine on the wing.

Apart from planes and helicopters, the exhibition attracted the attention and the machine. Two luxury car Lamborghini, and a unique, luxury car Mercedes Benz V klasse, Which is constructed on the basis of a mobile office for the business person.

JetExpo-2016 - exhibition business lyudey30JetExpo-2016 - exhibition business lyudey31JetExpo-2016 - exhibition business lyudey32


And finally I want to make a general personal opinion prevailing about the exhibition JetExpo 2016: It seems that the market for business jets coming out of the period of lull caused by the global crisis and political instability. How this proposition is true, time will tell, and the number of contracts that were signed in the three September days.

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JetExpo-2016 - exhibition for business visitorsJetExpo-2016 - exhibition for business photo boothsJetExpo-2016 - exhibition for business business jet


Especially for Avia.Pro I visited the exhibition Valery Smirnov

The author expresses his gratitude to the person Marina Melnikova, Manager of PR and Sales Jet Transfer for assistance in visiting the exhibition.

Photo by the author.

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