SC-37 multipurpose UAV
SC-37 multipurpose UAV

SC-37 multipurpose UAV

UAV Ka-37 - a multi-purpose unmanned helicopter, which has a modular design. The main advantages of creation Ka-37, which was made on the Kamov Design Bureau, are as follows:

  • The program auto flight.

  • High levels of maneuverability during flight.

  • Mobility during transport.

The unmanned helicopter model Ka-37 has a universal power plant type. When using the machine can be used interchangeable equipment that can produce aerial photography, or act as repeaters of radio and television broadcasts. To complete the drone can be equipment for monitoring environmental conditions, transport products, mail or medicine. It can be used in emergency response, and search for people in remote areas to other devices.

Like most of Kamov's OKB helicopters, Ka-37 also has a coaxial screw system, this design allowed designers to create a compact enough model that has excellent flight characteristics. In addition, the automatic flight system allows to fly the device along a specified trajectory, while the human factor remains minimal. Nevertheless, if necessary, the control operator at any time can intervene in the flight process, using a control panel that is placed on the ground and signals the device. The console is equipped with a control system and displays all the necessary information. It operates from an autonomous source of electrical power. The aircraft and the control panel are easily transported in a transport container.

Despite its compact size and weight in 250 kilograms, the helicopter can carry additional loads in 50 kilograms. This is made possible through the use of the power unit in 60 horsepower. In addition, the Ka-37 can accelerate to a speed of 145 km / h and reach an altitude of 3,8 kilometers. 

UAV Ka-37. Characteristics:

Modification   Ka-37
Height, m  
Weight, kg   250
engine's type   1 AP
Power, hp   60
Maximum speed km / h   145
Cruising speed, km / h   110
Practical range, km   530
The flight duration, min   45
Practical ceiling, m   3800
Static ceiling, m   2500
Payload:   50 kg


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