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Helicopter called Ka-8 represents the smallest and perhaps the most primitive of all helicopter model line KamovBut it can rightly be called the father of all Soviet helicopters Ka model.

The history of the first Ka-8

This machine was an experimental prototype of a helicopter with two screws on a coaxial system. Development of the project was carried out in the design bureau of TsAGI to 1946 years as chief designer himself spoke NI Kamov. The basis of the new helicopter were taken with the idea of ​​an American helicopter backpack called "Hoppikopter-100». The main customer was the Soviet Navy, who presented their demands to the creation of this unit.


Mechanical design details have been made in the Tupolev, and all the cast parts produced in VIAM. As for the blades to the helicopter Ka-8, they made the Moscow screw factory. Assembly of the first prototype plant designers engaged №456.

To test the machine started in the early autumn of the year 1947 the Khimki Reservoir, and the first flight of the Ka-8 carried out in the middle of October this year. Testing machines on the ground continued in the summer of next year, but, unfortunately, the project funding ceased. The amounts which have been allocated previously, enough to complete flight tests and subsequent design improvements.

The machine was presented to the public at the parade in Tushino city in July 48 years. At the same time the helicopter took off from the body of the truck ZIL and demonstrated its flight capacity, before landing on the ground. After a demonstration of the machine manufacturer has ordered the Navy helicopter reconnaissance. It was made on the basis of Ka-8. Designers managed to prepare only three models of helicopters Ka-8.

Features Ka-8 and first flights

Helicopter model Ka-8 became small achievement of the Soviet helicopter that led to the emergence of a plurality of subsequent magnificent aerial vehicles. After production of the Ka-8 was given another name, namely "from Irkutsk." This name helicopter was due to the fact that the chief designer of the Kamov was a native of Irkutsk. Besides the name, the helicopter was represented at the parade as an air bike. Before the first flight the machine has come a long series of tests and modifications.


The first start of the engine revealed that the helicopter should be further developed, since it had a great shaking. As it turned out, it became the cause of the blade unit. To reduce the shaking designers had to reduce all the blades of the machine of the cone, and then followed their adjustment. But the main cause of the vibrations was non-rigid attachment to the screw blades of the machine. After a hard mount shaking almost disappeared.

In tests on the water revealed that the helicopter has a problem with the center of gravity, because after the first descent unit almost toppled into the water. To resolve this problem, designers have changed the location of the floats, which served as a helicopter instead of the chassis.

There was also a problem with the power unit of the Irkut. It was represented by an ordinary motor from a motorcycle and did not have the necessary power to break away from the ground. First of all the designers resorted to the simplification of the apparatus, but this did not give the desired result. The way out of the arisen situation was the use of fuel, which consisted of nine parts of alcohol, and one part of gasoline. This fuel mixture could increase engine power by 15%. In addition, the helicopter was able to break away from the site for the first time, which led the designers to a new stage of research, namely, to flight on a leash.


Tests showed the helicopter on a leash, he behaves quite confidently and securely. For these reasons, the testers found it necessary to increase the length of tethered cables. But this experience was not successful, because when picked up a helicopter to a height of a meter 1,5 led his side, and he just fell. After such a crash he suffered chief designer, who was standing nearby and was injured part of the broken screw machine.

After repairs and modifications of the machine began winter, which positively affected the flight tests, as the engine of the motorcycle is less overheated and gave more power. Winter is allowed to continue flight tests without a leash, which was fairly good. But once at altitude about 200 meter motor car simply stalled. An experienced pilot kept his head and turned the car in the planning mode, which allowed him to protect himself and technique. A big plus was the availability of landing deep snow that softened the blow.

Kamov and his team of designers for the first time been able to develop and produce a working model helicopter with coaxial rotor system. An original approach to the creation of these screws can be called and the fact that both rotor blades were made of solid wood. All these design achievements form the basis of the following machines Office and the entire Soviet Kamov helicopter.


An interesting historical fact is that before the demonstration performance of the Ka-8 helicopter at the Kamov parade, the organizers called and asked how to present this device. To this Kamov replied that the word "helicopter" would be the most appropriate word. Before this conversation, such units were called by the American word "helicopter".

Ka-8 characteristics:



The diameter of the rotor, m


Length m


Height, m


Weight, kg  empty


Weight, kg  normal takeoff


engine's type

  1 PD M-75

power, kWt

  X 1 20

Maximum speed km / h


Dynamic ceiling, m


Static potlok, m






Ka-8. Gallery.

Ka-8 on the runway before take-offKa-8 miniature modelKa-8 in flight

Ka-8 layout side viewKa-8 model rear viewKa-8 figure

Ka-8 circuit modelKa-8 in flightKa-8 model



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