How often, "Aeroflot" planes tested?
How often, "Aeroflot" planes tested?

How often, "Aeroflot" planes tested?


- Tell me how often planes "Aeroflot" tested?


Every machine is checked daily. The commander of the aircraft for the return flight to necessarily informs the engineering service, which was on board. There are some violations, which the plane can fly for a while. If there is a defect that no matter what no effect, he falls into this category. There is also a routine checkup when the machine is derived from the market, driven into the hangar, and become involved in it.


- That is, the question of how many people are engaged in aircraft safety is not entirely correct, because it is even impossible to count?


The "Aeroflot" all countable. This department of engineering service, which consists of several thousand people. They are engaged in aircraft, including some complicated repairs.


9 May Indonesian plane Sukhoi Superjet 100Who performed the first in its history, a demonstration flight crashed. Unfortunately, 40 people who were on board were killed. You said that the company will still buy planes Sukhoi Superjet. And there were a few important points worth mentioning. First, the news about how the stewardess of "aeroflot"I gloat in connection with this situation. You know about it, and she was immediately dismissed. Do staff airline training on how to behave in the event of various emergencies?


Probably around the train a person is not possible and not necessary. I believe that in this case a woman - is the cost of her education. Gloat, it deprived itself of the chance to be in the "Aeroflot", because none of his colleagues had not been willing to continue working with her. I learned this by accident of «Twitter», and during the day we deal with the situation. I want to pay tribute to her, she realized, and I think, I realized that she cut off his way of working in the "Aeroflot". We parted with her under an employment contract. I believe that this was a significant event for all of us.


As for the Sukhoi Superjet 100 - this is a normal, nice car. She just needs time to cure it is those children's diseases that are still there.


- Nevertheless, people are afraid. There was an incident with the flight to Copenhagen, when the plane returned. This is the second of what I wanted to ask. Surely the problem was so serious that it was necessary to return the Sukhoi Superjet 100 back to Moscow? And yet, after the crash, there are people who are afraid to fly on this plane?


You know, the ticket can be seen on some aircraft will fly passengers. Whether or Airbus Sukhoi Superjet. Therefore, there was no outright refusal.


We have enough planes. There is always a stock of 3-4 machine. They just are reserved for various contingencies. And in Copenhagen was just such a situation. Fly to the final destination, and leave the plane there was pointless. Then one would have to somehow bring the aircraft to a malfunction back to Moscow. It was therefore absolutely staffing decision to land the plane here and replace it with another.


The "Aeroflot" is the mission control center that takes such decisions very often. After all, anything can happen. The glass or engines can get a bird. Therefore, to be replaced by another aircraft is not surprising.

General Director of JSC "Aeroflot - Russian Airlines" Saveliev Vitaly Gennadievich.

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