How to make a flight to a better place?
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How to make a flight to a better place?

What are the best places to hold the plane?



The unpleasant feeling when there is no space, because of the poor location of the seats on the plane, when the sides of the passengers, which are slightly compressed by you and the nose of the back seat, and almost does not touch your nose, flight turns into an agonizing test and countdown then we need to forget about any comfort. Which places are best zaimat on the plane?

To make the flight much more comfortable, it should listen to the advice that will be given below.

1. Determine the most convenient location

Uncomfortable seats. The most inconvenient places considered "middle" , since passengers also sit on the sides and it is not always comfortable to sit between two people. The places at the end of the plane "tail" are also inconvenient. In the tail of the plane, as a rule, there is a toilet, to which there is always a queue, just as an unpleasant factor is that in the last places there may be no porthole and the fact that from the provided menu, from a wide choice, you will get the leftovers. It is possible that some of the little things, for example juice, you may not get at all. 

How to make a flight to a better place?


Convenient location. For each person comfortable place of their own. Think for yourself and choose the most suitable and comfortable place for you. The most convenient places considered to be the following:

Of course, in place of windows. What? First of all, the fact that no requests will go out, you can enjoy the views from the window and you will have light, in case if you want to read a book.

How to make a flight to a better place?


Place aisle. Well it is that you can relax your feet, because it is possible to stretch them at the passage can be no extra people to go to the toilet, as you have the opportunity to move to the first exit.

Place at the salon. The ability to produce food first, you have a wide range of choice (as it will be available provided the entire range) of course have the opportunity to leave the aircraft first, there are cases when the time to stand with bags to do, or just do not want to.

2. Different salons aircraft

There are various types of aircraft, but basically two of them: small and large. Similarly, the number of places different from 2h2 and more. Everywhere there space and portholes and passage.

How do you know all this? As a rule, it does not make any extra effort, just look at magazines or airline or representation. As a rule, if the airline is quite large, then on her web site you can find a plan cabin.

Remember! Externally identical planes may be different in the middle, it is meant the location of seats, rows and the distance between them. As pravilokompaniya has a lot of very different planes and always a chance that you will fly to the other. To avoid such unpredictable events, see below:

3. It is worth talking to people

Certain locations tend to be distributed by means of two methods:

                a) the moment of registration            

                b) the moment of booking the ticket

If you ask at the airport, representatives of airlines to choose the right place for you. It is necessary to know the following things:

- Ask the cashier when buying a ticket

- You can request a plan to provide the \ aircraft scheme, which is located on the dial at registration, it will be listed, and free and used space.

How to make a flight to a better place?


4. Do not neglect the letter designations

Legend series and seats in the cabin can be either Latin or Russian. This is to redistribute the attention, as this can cause unpleasant situations of this kind: Are you looking for a place at the aisle with number 1B, and you find yourself in a place in the middle, and all because B is not Russian at all, but Latin and reads "Bi".

How to make a flight to a better place?

How to make a flight to a better place?


 5. Consider flight direction

It is necessary to consider which way the flight is carried out, that was not such that the sun's stopping you.

It is necessary to remember if the flight goes from East to West, the sun will be located to the left, if on the contrary, the right side, respectively. If South to North - the morning right, the evening left. If the north-south - the sun on the left, on the right night.

If your path is in the southern hemisphere, everything is exactly the opposite.

6. Registration costs go ahead

Those who will be registered before, take the most comfortable seatsWith the proviso that space is not assigned with ticket purchase. If registration takes place before, and likely to get the most ideal for you above.

7. The busiest flights are morning and evening. If possible, take a day flight, as it is more likely that there will be fewer people and the flight will be more comfortable.

8. Take advantage of new technologies

Unfortunately, funds for quick registration, introduce only foreign airline. These funds are self registration kiosks, as well as internet sites with the registration of the airline.

These modern technologies are worth using because: You can view, using a computer, not only the layout of the cabin, but also the best seats on the plane. An integral plus is that you do not have to stand in lines and get up early to go to the airport.

9. Recent places

Of course, the main disadvantages of the seats at the end of the "tail" of the aircraft have already been indicated above. In addition to the disadvantages of a nearby toilet, large lines of passengers and a small selection of food, there are also advantages. The main advantage is that the distribution of seats comes from the end, that is, from the tail of the aircraft. If you book a seat from the end (second or third row), then, most likely, if you are not fully loaded, you will be seated alone on several chairs. If the flight is long, then you can even fall asleep in these chairs.

How to make a flight to a better place?


We will be glad if the above tips will be useful to you and you'll be flying high in comfort and without unnecessary psychological stress.

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How much new and useful I learned from this article. After all, he always acted intuitively, and then spent his time in irritation. After all, you do not think about such supposedly trivial things in the bustle of gathering for a vacation. And how much nerves you lose later. How annoying you words: "Skip. Please, "or a screaming child. With such thoroughness you plan your vacation plan, you study the location of the hotel, the customs of the people of the country where you are going to fly, but you forget about the comfort in the cabin of the plane. Thank you for focusing my attention on such important trifles. I hope next holiday I will leave the cabin of the plane in a great mood.


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