How to carry a weapon on a plane
How to carry a weapon on a plane

How to carry weapons in the air: how recommendations



Based on safety considerations, transport of weapons into the aircraft cabin is strictly prohibited. Ammunition, firearms and edged weapons may be transported by air only after receiving authorization from the competent authorities. Transportable weapons must be registered and invested in baggage that is transported in a special compartment of the aircraft separately from passengers. transport rules for different airlines vary, so all the controversial points better clarify and harmonize in advance.

How to carry weapons in the air: how recommendations



General rules for the transportation of weapons on the plane

The passenger is obliged to notify the airline in advance about his intention to transport the weapon. Even at the stage of booking and registering the flight, it is necessary to notify the carrier about the transportation of dangerous baggage. This will avoid unpleasant situations during the inspection at the airport before boarding. Also it should be remembered that in this case the passenger should appear for registration for 1,5 hours before departure. Registration of a passenger carrying a weapon takes a long time, therefore, when planning the transportation, sufficient time should be allocated for preliminary training.

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Special rules for the carriage of weapons on the plane

  • In the carriage of weapons within the Russian owner must have permission to carry and storage. When importing weapons into the territory of Russia and other state owner should get the Interior Ministry permission to import. Passengers who do the transplant at a Russian airport and sent to other countries, must re-register weapons.

  • Foreigners are allowed to bring a hunting or sporting weapons on the territory of Russia only with the written invitation to a hunting or sports organization. Import of Russian weapons in order to ensure personal safety, to protect the lives of other persons or the safety of the cargo is permitted on the basis of an international treaty.

  • Weapons transferred airlines for storage at the airport of departure and issued to the passenger at the arrival airport. In the cabin of the aircraft are not even allowed to carry weapons simulators, they may only be carried in checked baggage separate. This applies, in order to prevent the occurrence of panic among the passengers during the flight.

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  • Transportation of weapons in the aircraft is allowed only in a discharged state. Arms and ammunition must be packed separately. This package must meet the safety standards and rules of weapons safety. One person can not take luggage on board more than 5 kg of ammunition. Plane prohibited to carry gas cartridges for rifles and pistols.

  • Features pneumatic conveying equipment, outstanding energy more 3 J., referred to in article №3 Law "On Weapons". Carriage pneumatic weapons with a caliber over 4,5 mm and a muzzle energy of over 7,5 J. requires a permit to carry and store.

  • Transported electroshock devices must conform to the standards adopted by the Russian government. From passenger aircraft carrier will necessarily require to submit a document, which contains the technical characteristics of the stun gun. Carry stun devices manufactured outside Russia, it is prohibited.

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Algorithm transportation of weapons on the plane

No airline can not take responsibility for the security of arms in the proper form after his transport plane. Also, the carrier will not reimburse the costs associated with the delay of the passenger on the flight due to a long registration procedure. Therefore, the passenger must take care of appropriate packaging and the availability of all permits. To avoid the problems associated with the carriage of weapons on the plane, to be followed this procedure:

  1. Ask weapon and mark the device. Please contact a representative of the airport authority to identify a list of documents that must be presented for the transportation of your weapon. Also it is necessary to agree in advance the duration of the procedure of registration and verification of the dangerous luggage, in order not to be late for your flight.

  2. Arriving at the airport, you need to contact the security service and said its intention to register the weapons for its transportation by plane.

  3. The passenger must have a passport, boarding card, permission to keep and bear arms, issued by an authorized body of the Ministry of Interior.

  4. Dangerous goods check in a specially equipped service room airport. At the same time security staff collate settings trunk with the data specified in the document presented by the passenger. After conversion cartridges is drawn transport of dangerous luggage in triplicate.

  5. The passenger signs the act and receives one copy in his hands. Receiving weapons at the destination is possible only on the basis of the presentation of this act, the permit and the personal passport of the owner. 

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Features transporting weapons plane


When air transportation of weapons must take into account some points:

  • Caution should be exercised when importing weapons from abroad. Before you buy a barrel in a foreign shop, you need to take care of the presence of appropriate permits are allowed to import weapons on the territory of the Russian Federation. Without the permission of the international weapons will be seized from its owner.

  • Museum weapons, which is a country of particular value, is taken for customs control.

  • Any kind of weapons can only be carried in a specially designed carrying case for it.

  • Baggage weapons subject to registration and sealing of the relevant documents.

  • Transportation homemade ammunition is prohibited, they are confiscated at customs control, and the owner, who is trying to carry out such transportation also removed from the flight and carry out the investigation in the case instituted.

  • For transportation of weapons in the aircraft must have a good reason, otherwise you may fail at the stage of passage of the customs control.

  • Bows and crossbows need to buy from certified stores. They do not apply to arms.

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Finally, we want to warn that the transportation of weapons on an airplane is a very important process. Airport security staff conduct a thorough check of passengers' baggage. If you find a weapon that the passenger has not stated in advance, the owner will face serious problems. The same applies to the situation if the passenger cannot present a full package of documents for the transportation of dangerous baggage. Therefore, it is necessary to notify the airport personnel in advance about the transportation of weapons and to take care of obtaining the appropriate permits for their storage, carrying and transportation. This will speed up the registration of dangerous goods and significantly simplify the process of transporting weapons by plane.