How to carry on the plane picture
How to carry on the plane picture

How to transport the paintings in the plane: ways recommendations



Information on the topic of transporting paintings by air is offered on many forums, but having scrolled through the message feed, you can immediately understand that their authors often offer information that contradicts each other. We have tried to put together the basic requirements for the air transportation of works of art and we invite you to familiarize yourself with them further. However, given that each airline serves passengers according to its own regulations, it is better to contact the company manager in advance to clarify the details of how to transport the paintings on the plane.

How to transport the paintings in the plane: ways recommendations



The technical side of the issue of transportation pictures

Transportation in a tube

To carry the picture of the airplane, must be removed from the stretcher canvas and roll it into a roll inside the pattern. Next, the easiest way is to choose for the roll tube of appropriate size. Before being placed in the tube is recommended to wrap the canvas cardboard or paper and pasted with adhesive tape ends.

How to transport the paintings in the plane: ways rekomendatsii2


Shipping in the box

In some cases, the curtailment of a work of art in a roll threatens to lose its presentation. For example, crackles may appear on the oil layer, and there is a risk of rupture of the paper web. Pictures in this case are transported in a special plastic folder for artists or a wooden box. The picture is allowed to be transported both in the luggage compartment of the aircraft and in the cabin. In this case, if the size of the box does not allow it to be placed in the compartment for hand luggage over your seat, you can contact the stewardess for help in order to find a suitable place for the picture.


How to carry the work of art by plane without any problems? It is very simple: buy a place near the emergency exits, and next to you is a lot of space to lean against the wall a picture of his feet.


Transportation of antique paintings in the plane

When exporting works of art abroad, we often talk about antiques. The canvas can be painted several centuries ago, and unnecessary manipulations with it can harm the integrity of the canvas, and the frame in many cases is of high value. Please note that during loading and unloading, a fragile item may be irreparably damaged. To avoid such misunderstandings, observe a simple condition: the transportation of paintings by plane must be carried out in wooden boxes, and the works of art themselves must be wrapped in bubbled cellophane.

Remember, each airline puts its own requirements on size and weight of hand baggage, which are based on the rules of transportation of paintings by plane.

How to transport the paintings in the plane: ways rekomendatsii3


For example, the company "Aeroflot" allows you to carry on board hand luggage weighing up to 15 kg in business class, 10 kg in economy and comfort class, the size of hand luggage the same for all - 115 to see the sum of the three sides.


How to legally register their luggage in the form of paintings for its transportation by plane?

For information on how to transport the picture plane in Russia, you already know. Now let's look at the issue of how to carry the work of art across the border taking into account the execution of all necessary documents. To transport paintings by air did not cause problems, you should assess in advance the art and to obtain permits for their removal. To do this you need to contact the Office for the Conservation of Cultural Property and the Department of Culture.

How to transport the paintings in the plane: ways rekomendatsii4


To get a prompt response to a request, you need to provide to these bodies the following documents:

  • statement on the transport of paintings abroad;

  • certificate of registration of the legal entity / photocopy of the passport;

  • Canvas details: artist, year of writing, the dimensions of the web, the name of the art, reference or a check from the author;

  • 3 photo canvases in full, signed by the details of the canvas.

Transportation of paintings by plane to another country may require the introduction of additional values ​​in the customs declaration and payment of duties - when a work of art represents a high cultural value for the country. Otherwise, guided by the rules of transportation of antiques by plane, you may not be let out of Russia. 

Buy a place at the emergency exit, where to place the picture? but nothing that in this place even a handbag should be put upstairs. at least during takeoff and landing!

To carry the picture plane to be removed from the stretcher canvas and roll it into a roll pattern inside
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