How to transport the wheelchair in an airplane
How to transport the wheelchair in an airplane

How to transport the wheelchair in an airplane: transport regulations

The first question that interests the parents that they are going to travel with the child is how to carry the stroller on the plane? Century 21 parents have become so mobile that they are not only not afraid, but with great pleasure they spend their holidays with small and sometimes babies. The first flight on an airplane is an exciting event, not only in terms of caring for a small child, but also problematic, because parents are faced with the rules of transporting the stroller on the plane.

How to transport the wheelchair in an airplane: perevozki1 rules

How and when to give up the baby carriage at the airport

Based on the rules of transportation of carriages on the plane, they relate to carry-on baggage. In this regard, if the wheelchair is needed before the boarding, you can easily take the wheelchair with you in the waiting room. In this case, when using strollers registration tag Luggage Delivery at aircraft and with it you can confidently pass on.

In this case, the carriage takes flight attendant or employee of the airport, which allow people to board the plane.

When a child is old enough, the stroller, along with other suitcases, is delivered to the luggage. But in this case, the passenger should take care of her reliable safety, carefully packing the stroller.

How to transport the wheelchair in an airplane: perevozki2 rules

Since the loaders do not have enough time to carefully carry the wheelchair, it is necessary in advance to take care that it is not torn anywhere and does not get dirty. To do this, it is necessary to fold and wrap the wheelchair more thoroughly, or there is a special cover for this purpose. These subtleties will ensure a comfortable transportation, as well as the integrity of your property. Also there will be no unnecessary reason for concern that when landing in the stroller you can immediately put the child. It should also take into account the fact that the rules for carriage of strollers may vary from airline to airline. All the features of transportation should be specified in advance on the official website of the air carrier or in the travel agency when buying a tour.

How to transport the wheelchair in an airplane: perevozki3 rules

How to get the wheelchair on arrival at the airport?

When you are traveling with a stroller, you need to be alert to the possibility that your luggage will probably get later than the other passengers of the aircraft. Also, in rare cases, the wheelchair can not be issued to the main belt, and with bulky cargo. This will be a separate entrance, which serves a variety of things non-standard sizes.

But to fear that you can somehow lose the wheelchair is not worth it, since the rules for transporting wheelchairs are the same at all airports in countries. For example, some airlines may offer to take a pram immediately when leaving the aircraft. When descending from the ramp pay your attention to the area near the aircraft. Often, strollers are laid out from the cargo warehouse next to the ladder so that you can immediately pick it up. If you have not noticed it, do not worry. Based on the rules of transportation of baggage, the movers must necessarily deliver your cargo to the airport and deliver it either on the main tape or in the oversized cargo delivery department.

How to transport the wheelchair in an airplane: perevozki4 rules

There are some rules for the carriage of wheelchairs in an airplane.

When a stroller does not fold, then, according to the rules of the airlines, it cannot belong to a special category of baggage that planes carry for free.

In this case, the carriage is necessary to weigh and pay for transportation companies, if the passenger is exceeded while the standard rate of cargo that is transported free of charge. Therefore, take with you on vacation stroller, if the child is already sick, it is not only difficult, but also quite expensive.

In view of the fact that one person is given it is usually not more than 20 kilos of luggage, and the usual stroller weighs about 12-15 kg, comes a significant amount of costs.

Therefore, we can consider options for buying a quality stroller cane. You can choose excellent options with a reclining back, in which your child will not only sleep comfortably, but you can easily carry these strollers with you as carry-on baggage on board the aircraft.

How to transport the wheelchair in an airplane: perevozki5 rules

How not to lose the wheelchair at the airport?

Considering the fact that sometimes airport workers make mistakes, due to which baggage can fly in another direction, you can worry about the safety of their belongings. For example, when handing a stroller to the luggage compartment, it is necessary not only to register it, but also to attach a name tag on it, signed in Latin letters. The name and surname of the owner, address and telephone number are left on the tag, by which you can contact in case of various misunderstandings.

How to transport the wheelchair in an airplane: perevozki6 rules

These tags are available at the request of the passenger at the airport, at the check-in counters, or at the direct purchase of a ticket. Also, if you wish, you can insure the stroller, indicating its value during the registration of employees, but additional funds will have to be paid for this. Upon receipt of the stroller at another airport, there are also no problems if all registration tickets are saved in this way. One of the minor inconveniences may be that the luggage is delivered later than the other cargo. But on the other hand, at the airport of another country, you can safely put the child in the stroller and enjoy the rest to the fullest.