How to transport a suit on the plane
How to transport a suit on the plane

How to transport a suit on the plane: tips



Very often, business meetings, negotiations, speeches involve events that necessarily require a business suit. What is the right thing to do when all these events are away? In any case, you can't do without a business suit. How to fold the suit correctly and transfer it to a long distance will be discussed in this article.

For transportation by air will need a business suit:

  • hangers;

  • holdall;

  • Case for clothes;

  • terry towel.

At the moment, the most reliable way to transport a business suit is to use a garment bag. If business trips take up most of your time, then purchasing this accessory will minimize your worries about transporting a business suit. The garment bag is roomy enough, you can easily put a couple of suits in it, as well as an irreplaceable addition to them - shirts and ties. When choosing a garment, focus on fixing the garment inside. Remember that the garment bag is free to carry in the cabin of the aircraft, it does not need to be checked in.

But do not try to somehow trick the workers into the holdall zapihnuv additional items, especially alcohol, and foods that are purchased in the road. Business suit can irreparably wrinkled or dirty products.

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If there is no need to buy a suitcase, then you can use a regular suitcase. The trousers must be folded in this way: the trousers must be folded in half and rolled into a small roll, you need to start with the cuffs. Be sure to remove any excess items from your pockets, as they can deform the fabric. To fold the jacket correctly, follow certain rules:

  1. Before traveling wash coat after it dries well otutyuzhte it. To be one hundred percent to be sure that your jacket in perfect condition, use the services of cleaning, but it should be done at least one week before the trip. After cleaning, ensure once again that it is good to clean and stroked.

  2. Turn the jacket over so that the jacket lining is on the outside. This method will protect the outer fabric from getting dirty, and if you take it somewhere, then when you put on all the wrinkles will be inside.

  3. After you have turned the jacket inside out, you need to straighten its shoulders. To do this, you need to stick your hand inward and straighten your jacket shoulder well outward. Thanks to this operation with the shoulders turned out, the further folding process will be much easier.

  4. Then try to fold the jacket vertically. With one hand, you need to grab him by the middle of the collar, while the other hand take both shoulders at once. With this it is easy to fold the jacket length. Spread the crumpled cloth.

  5. Then you need to fold it also horizontally. A jacket elbow fold in half, at the same time you get a bundle of square form, which can easily be put in a suitcase.

  6. Next, place a folded jacket in a plastic bag. To protect more reliably suit in a suitcase, you can still fix it in one single package. Pack your parcel in a sufficiently large plastic bag. Then try to carefully seal the bag. If, for example, have the desired package at the time of packaging, it is possible to use strong polyethylene sheet. The folded bundle jacket place in the center of the sheet, and then tighten all the edge of the sheet.

Do not forget to leave a small amount of air in the bag with a jacket. This will provide a slight compression suit other clothes.

  1. Packaged in a package, place the jacket in a suitcase. Recommended are heavy or irregular things are not put on a jacket.


You can also use a thick towel. This towel can be placed on top of the suit is to avoid sharp creases, which is not very easy to smooth out.

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You can also use another little trick. Pack the lower part of your suit in a suitcase, while the upper part can be safely put on yourself, complementing it with a shirt and jeans. On the plane, a jacket can be placed in a special wardrobe in the cabin by asking the stewardess about it. Often they store business class clothes there, but there is a high probability that your request will not be denied. The main thing is not to forget your jacket when exiting the plane.

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Do not despair if you have been refused, gently fold the jacket in length and in the same way fold it in half and place on the luggage rack. Observe, that the cabin neighbors do not accidentally put it under heavy things.

When you arrive after landing in a hotel or another location, first extract the contents of the suitcase, take out the suit and hang it on a hanger. These things must, of course, to deal under its own weight.

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Iron your slightly wrinkled trousers by yourself or contact your nearest service center. Remember that a properly packed and transported jacket does not need additional ironing.