How to carry on the plane TV
How to carry on the plane TV

How to transport a television in the plane: tips, advice



Aircraft can carry any load, and a television in this regard is no exception. Only in the normal case it is unlikely to get to bed, have a bit of trouble. It is recommended to contact the airline representative and clarify the way in which it would be better to carry your equipment. Before you call, be aware of the device with the box and record the dimensions.

Small TV can skip to the salon as hand luggage. TV standard or large size is transported as oversized or fragile baggage surcharge. To this end, it should be properly packaged and paste special stickers at the airport, indicating that the transported cargo should be handled carefully.

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How to pack a television for its transportation by plane?

This technique, like television, is recommended to be transported in their original packaging, if it does not, will have to seek other suitable box.

When the TV package is necessary to ensure the protection of equipment from all sides. For example, you can use pieces of foam or plywood, which are placed inside the boxes between the walls. This allows you to protect the screen from impacts, although increases the final weight of baggage. In any case, you need to take care of that within the package was enough pupyrchatoy film and foam to help protect the fragile equipment from possible damage during transport.

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What to do before departure?

So, you called the airline and agreed to transport an oversized fragile cargo. Now there is very little left. After arriving at the airport, your box will be weighed and measured again by the representatives of the air carrier, after which a sticker “fragile cargo”, “glass” or something similar will be stuck on it. The amount of additional payment for the transportation of the TV set will depend on the dimensions and weight of the device together with the box.

Next TV include in the luggage compartment. Competent carriers are always treated with fragile goods carefully. Sometimes porters will wear such a box in the luggage compartment on the hands, sometimes transported separately from other baggage. For fragile cargo in the luggage compartment of the aircraft set aside a special compartment. At the destination, such baggage is not placed on the belt, and raised separately.

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Transportation of the TV in the passenger seat of the aircraft

Baggage which requires special conditions of transportation (eg, breakable, brittle, fragile, valuable items) may be carried in the passenger cabin if:

  • He agreed with a passenger airline transport format;

  • luggage was inspected for aviation security.

If the baggage exceeds the dimensions set for cabin baggage, the passenger must pay another seat to be allocated under its load. Weight of transported baggage must not exceed 75 kg, dimensions may not be greater than the passenger seat.

Such baggage is placed in a chair by the window and fasten seat belt. Baggage requiring specific conditions of transportation and transported in the passenger seat of the aircraft shall be subject to the registration procedure. Responsibility for the integrity and safety of the entire responsibility of the passenger.


Risks associated with the transport of the TV in the plane

Nobody can give 100% guarantee that the TV will reach at the destination unharmed. Of course, kicking and throwing it at the loading and unloading nobody will, but in the case of breakage of the screen will be very difficult to determine exactly where it happened. The greatest difficulties are related to the transportation of plasma TVs, as they are heavy and bulky. With the LCD is somewhat simpler. The larger the diagonal of your TV screen, the more difficult it will cause transport aircraft.

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In rare cases, airlines may offer you to transport cargo directly in the cabin, but at an additional cost. Be careful and try to follow all safety rules when packing and transporting fragile aircraft equipment. 

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