How to land the plane in an emergency? How to land the plane itself?
How to land the plane in an emergency? How to land the plane itself?

How to land the plane in an emergency?


Have you ever wondered over the question of what to do if in mind the circumstances (loss of consciousness, trauma, shock, death), the pilot can not own land the plane? Agree, the issue is very sensitive nature, but most likely there is nothing left to do, how to put on their own plane. However, there is certainly a question that how to land the planeTo passengers on board survived and were not injured. Of course, not everyone can be a pilot, especially since the majority of even remotely familiar with the fact, how to land the plane in an emergency, but it is worth emphasizing that with the help of manager leadership, it can be done, even if not as professional as do pilots with hundreds of hours of flying, but, nevertheless, because of their actions, you can save more than one hundred passengers.


How to land the plane


  1. To begin with, since you are the only one who decided to take on this difficult task, you will need to go to the cockpit, where you will need to take the seat of the airliner commander. As a rule, the seat of the main pilot is the most loaded with all kinds of buttons, control sticks and levers, so you can hardly be wrong here. However, and this is important, do not touch the controls of the aircraft, because if the aircraft is in automatic piloting mode, therefore, you are in complete safety at the moment, and try to learn that there are no unnecessary buttons in a complex machine - each is responsible for its own action, and sometimes for several, and pressing any can lead to the most unpredictable results. If the pilot of the aircraft is unconscious right in the cockpit, then when taking his place, make sure that in the future parts of the pilot's body will not overlap the controls - the control wheel, buttons and levers, so how to land the plane in the future for any unexpected problems, it will be impossible.



  1. When sitting in the pilot's seat, the first thing to do is make sure that the aircraft is in autopilot mode. To do this, you need to look at the control panel, usually located on the front panel, and if the indicator light on it is on, then autopilot is in action mode.



If landing in the pilot's seat, you still have affected the controls airliner, then most likely this has led to an automatic stop the autopilot, and the regime need to be included by clicking on the appropriate button, which is different aircraft models may be called differently, but most only Russian aircraft destination there are such names, "Autopilot", "Auto flight", "ANF", "AR", etc. The aircraft of foreign air carriers, the functional title of automatic piloting modes will be named «Autopilot».



It is worth noting that in some few cases, may require an adjustment of the aircraft position in space. To do this, you need to look at the artificial horizon indicator, which is normally always easily recognizable even by people who have never been in the cockpit. Note that the display has a static band, indicating the normal position of the aircraft - an artificial horizon.



If the aircraft has deviated significantly from planarity, then you need to adjust its movement - raise or lower, or to adjust its roll. If the plane is tilted below the normal plane, then you will have to pull the wheel itself, if the above - alienating. In that case, if the aircraft nakrenёn left, then you need to turn the steering wheel to the right side, if, on the contrary, he nakrenёn right, then turn to the left.



After the aircraft would be aligned to the line of artificial horizon, you will need to turn on the autopilot, and in quality control can be used, and a button, and switch. It should be noted that the automatic piloting aircraft used to maintain normal flatness of the aircraft in relation to space, and she created with the intention that in case of an emergency, even a person who does not have any piloting skills could save the plane in the air, however, since how to land the plane autopilot alone can not, in the future you will have to take sho same steering wheel in your hands.

  1. It is worth noting that the aircraft would not be able at all times to be in the air, and sooner or later, you have to put it, and here, and will be a very pertinent question of how to land the plane Yourself. First of all, you will need to contact the nearest aircraft tower to report an emergency on your airplane. To do this, you need to take the pilot's headset, press and hold the corresponding button "PTT" on the steering wheel, and send the "Mayday" call three times, then report the incident on board. In the event that the aircraft left the area of ​​operation of the aircraft tower, and you can not contact the air traffic controller, then you will need to switch to the frequency of 121.50 MHz. After you broadcast your special message, do not forget to release the button to get an answer.



If there are any problems with the operation of the radio station, then you can use the transponder, in which you will need to enter the digital code "7700", which will enable the dispatchers to understand that there is an emergency on board your aircraft.

In order for the dispatcher to be able to understand which aircraft the communication is with at the moment, when sending each message, give the call sign of your aircraft in front of him.

  1. Guided by the Manager, do not forget that on the plane there is such a thing as the minimum speed, that is, at which the aircraft is still in the air. Determine the speed can be view by the same artificial horizon indicator - usually in the left-hand side there is a display with digits, and you should make sure that his statements are in the "green zone".



Spontaneous reduction or increase in the rate shows that the aircraft or loses height, or vice versa - is gaining it. In the first case, the speed will increase, and in order to bring it to normal, you will have to apply a bit of the wheel itself, in the second - the plane climbs, and you need to push the wheel away from you.

  1. Before the start of the commission of landing, air traffic controller will inform you about all the necessary actions on your part, so how to land the plane not so easy.



For starters, you have to reduce the power of aircraft engines - for this, lower the throttle a few centimeters, until you hear the sound of the aircraft became quieter. Please note that at this time the controls should not take any action - plane aligned in the plane of their own, however, if the aircraft speed is lower than the "green zone", the reactor will have to submit several forward to the airliner fell.

According to the instructions of the controller, you will need to take the required height, which pay attention to all the same artificial horizon sensor on the right side which indicates the height of the flight, and by means of manual control, go to the specified height, and then, again, you can turn on the autopilot.

  1. Before, how to land the plane, Aviavyshki manager will tell you how to work with the flaps and slats, which are usually located next to the reactors, and preparing to land on their own, you need to release the aircraft landing gear. For this, find the corresponding lever, spaced, generally on the right side of the central control panel, which also typically has an appropriate signature.



Before landing, the plane will need to align in the direction of the runway, but it will tell you the best manager only. Then, preparing to land, it will be necessary to lift the nose of the plane at an angle of 7-15 degree of order (depending on aircraft type).

Approach, it will be necessary to use reverse thrust, which the control bars are located immediately behind the throttles. In that case, if the reverse thrust on the plane is not provided, then quickly pull the choke on itself, thereby reducing its speed to a minimum.

Finally, to ensure that the plane began braking, you will need to click on the upper part of the pedal - it is responsible for the brake, but keep in mind that you should slow down so that the plane did not skidded on the runway.


Of course, in reality the question of whether, how to land the plane, It may not be as simple as described, but nevertheless from this principle does not change.